“No More N500 Meat”: Market Seller Puts Out Bold Notice for Customers, Video Trends Online

  • A lady recently came across a funny placard put out by a meat seller who announced that he no longer sells meat for N500
  • The meat seller had the notice printed boldly on an A4 paper and placed it on a nail in front of his selling spot
  • Social media users stormed the comments section to react to the video with many finding it very hilarious

A Nigerian lady has left netizens in stitches after sharing a video of the notice he saw at a meat seller’s shop.

The meat seller announced the amount of meat he no longer sells for customers in a video shared by @royaldamsel27 on TikTok.

Meat seller refuses to sell for N500Meat seller puts out notice
Photo credit: @royaldamsel27/TikTok,
Depicted person has no relationship with story. Photo for illustration only.Source: TikTok

Meat seller refuses to sell N500 meat

The meat seller who was probably tired of selling N500 worth of meat to customers wrote on a bold placard that it was no longer available.

The notice read:


Reactions as meat seller puts out notice

Netizens have taken to the comments section of the TikTok post to share their thoughts about the meat seller’s action.

While some found it hilarious, others reflected on the situation of Nigeria and the economic challenges ravaging the nation.

Christopher reacted:

“I try to buy N500 naira them say no oh.”

Ask of rejoice said:

“Give me 520 own.”

IdehenBecky said:

“See finsh.”

Slaywithjessie said:

“Even here in awka.”

76promise said:

“I just buy 500 meat yesterday.”

Superman commented:

“Oya give me 505 naira own.”

Jennifer Maduka said:

“The economy is really turning to something else. I used to buy meat of N200 from my customer in school then. What is Tinubu doing to our country lai dis.”

Latoya Clemence reacted:

“E done Red.”

User2342099987061 said:

“No be una fault na where Nigeria place her self.”

NONI_1 reacted:

“Apc do this one sha.”

Christopher said:

“I try to buy N500 Naira them say no oh.”

Watch the video below:

Meat seller complains over low patronage

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a meat seller complained bitterly about not having customers because he owned an iPhone 15.

Many people who reacted to the meat seller’s video said that he brought it on himself, as people would doubt if he bought the phone from the business.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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