“No lesson or past questions”: Boy who studied on his own scores ‘high’ in UTME

  • A Nigerian boy has excitedly displayed his UTME result as he celebrated his performance in the exam
  • The lad revealed he did not attend any tutorials for the examination or used any past questions for his preparation
  • His UTME score has earned him the admiration of people as they joined in praising his academic feat

A Nigerian boy, Ukah Pascal Chukwubuihe, has celebrated having a decent score in the just-concluded UTME despite preparing independently.

Pascal shared a screenshot showing his UTME score, which he received via SMS.

Boy who studied without past questions or tutorials shows off his UTME scoreUkah Pascal Chukwubuihe said he studied on his own.
Photo Credit: Pascal Chubby, jamb.gov.ngSource: Facebook

Pascal prepared on his own

In a Facebook post, the young lad said he was expecting 190. Pascal noted his result surprised him as he studied without past questions and didn’t attend any tutorials.

He added that he didn’t also join any JAMB preparatory group and revealed he only practised with the JAMB app. He wrote:

“I was expecting like 190.

“But am really surprised in this my results.

“Am very proud of myself today.

“I was just reading and practicing with the Jamb app.

“No lessons or paying for tutor.

“Or joining groups or past Questions.

“Am happy really happy.”

Pascal scored 247 on the JAMB exam. He had 69 in English, 61 in physics, 58 in biology and 59 in chemistry.

Another JAMB candidate who left school two years ago had done well in the UTME.

People celebrate Ukah Pascal Chukwubuihe

Grëät OPhïçïäl said:

“Thank you lord for everything.”

Joshua Ejimofor Imah said:

“Congrats boss, this is the first good results I have seen so far, I am even confused if jamb is now over 300.”

Fisayo Mhi said:

“I was also studying on the jamb app, though I’ve not seen mine yet buh I hope I have good news on mine too. Congratulations .”

Sulayman Abduwaarith Ayinde said:

“Congratulations ooo.

“I never check my own please pray for me ooo.”

Precious Obega said:

“Congratulations dear. All glory be to God.”

Obanijesu Jesutobi said:

“Same here.

“I used only my school jist app for personal study on my phone and I scored 257.

“No tutorial.

“I’m so glad.”

Boy who repeated JSS2 smashes UTME

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a boy who repeated JSS2 had smashed the UTME.

The boy had worried his people because he was not performing well in school and had a learning disorder.

@HUNeeyB explained that her relative’s situation was so severe that he always came in the last three positions in class each term. This made @HUNeeyB’s aunt pray to God about the boy’s situation, and things changed.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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