Nigerians support lady whose husband misused her hospital bills with millions

  • A Nigerian lady expressed her gratitude to fellow citizens for their support with her delivery fees following her appeal for assistance on X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • She revealed that she had received a multitude of contributions on her mobile banking account, to the point where no further donations could be accepted
  • Additionally, she took the opportunity to explain the reason behind her plea for help at the hospital, which was due to her husband spending the funds allocated for her hospital expenses

A woman from Nigeria has warmly thanked the people of her country for their generous help with the costs of her childbirth.

After she reached out for aid on X (previously Twitter), she was overwhelmed by the number of donations she received directly into her mobile bank account, eventually reaching a point where she could no longer accept any more help.

Nigerian lady gets support from people after she narrated her storyShe got millions from Nigerians. Photo credit: @Pharm_prenuerSource: TikTok

Lady gets millions from Nigerians

In a heartfelt recount, she explained her situation at the hospital, sharing that she needed the assistance because her husband had inappropriately used the money set aside for her medical bills to purchase a dog and a mobile phone instead, as shown by @Pharm_prenuer.

Full excerpt below of the gratefulness:

“I’m short of words, I’ve raised thrice of the needed amount until my palmpay can’t recieve funds anymore due to transactions limit. Dear kind hearted Nigerians,I do not know where to start thanking you. Please it’s is enough,it’s too much for me to process. Thank you so much.”

See the X post below:

Husband accused of misusing caesarean funds

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that in Nigeria, a lady who had just given birth was left in distress when her husband abandoned her in the hospital.

She had been admitted for a caesarean section due to complications with her breathing.

After a kind stranger donated N500,000 for her medical expenses, she sent N180,000 to her husband for safekeeping. Shockingly, he spent the money on a new smartphone and a pet dog instead of her surgery.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a man who danced for a nursing mother and gave her plenty of Naira notes in a viral TikTok video.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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