Nigerian student secures two U.S. scholarships after Unilag rejected her twice

  • Arinze Odira’s sister-in-law, a brilliant student, was shockingly denied admission to the University of Lagos
  • She wanted to study medicine, but despite scoring an impressive 284 and 320 on her JAMB exams, she was not granted admission
  • The incident left her family baffled and disappointed, and Odira detailed the efforts they took to get her admitted

A Nigerian student’s journey to pursue higher education has taken an unexpected turn.

Arinze Odira shared the story of his sister-in-law, who, despite scoring 284 and 320 on her JAMB exams, was unable to secure admission to the University of Lagos to study medicine.

Nigerian student gets fully funded scholarships after she was denied twice by UTMENigerian student gets scholarships. Photo credit: Getty Image. This image is for illustration purposes only. The person depicted has no relationship with the event described in the material.Source: Getty Images

Undeterred, Odira encouraged her to take the SAT exam, which she prepared for in just two weeks and scored an impressive 1450.

This opened doors to scholarship opportunities in the United States, and she recently secured two fully funded and one partial scholarship.

Nigerian student gets scholarship abroad

As she prepares to depart for the US in a few months, Odira expresses mixed emotions.

He is thrilled that his sister-in-law will have the chance to reach her full potential in a new environment but lamented the flaws in Nigeria’s education system that led to her initial rejection, as shared by @captainarinze.

In his words:

“My sister-in-law is an intelligent girl. She scored 284 on her first JAMB, but couldn’t get into Unilag to study medicine. The next year, she scored 320, but still no admission into Unilag (I can’t explain it). I couldn’t just sit back and watch her talent go to waste. So, I got her to take the SAT exam. She prepped for only two weeks and scored 1450. We started applying for scholarships in the US, and she got two fully funded scholarships and one partial one. Last week, she went for her visa interview. In a few months, she’ll be heading to the United States. 1. I am still confused that she couldn’t get into Unilag. Something is definitely wrong with our system. 2. I am happy she is going to somewhere she can truly shine and explore her full potential. 3. It’s a shame we keep losing our brightest minds. 4. To be successful, you need opportunity, information and access.”

See the X post:

Lady gets scholarship to study abroad

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian lady received a scholarship to pursue her studies in Finland and narrated her journey, which swiftly captured the attention of TikTok users.

In her video, she expressed her enthusiasm while preparing for her relocation to the overseas nation.

Subsequently, she revealed her arrival in Finland through a clip that depicted her disembarking from the bus and stepping into the city, as shown by @sophieonuh.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a Nigerian lady, Oluwakemi Bayode, is currently in the United States after she bagged a fully funded overseas scholarship.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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