Nigerian Pastor Who Marries 3 Wives Breaks Silence, Wife Approves and Gives Her Reason

  • A Nigerian pastor disclosed his unconventional marital choice of having three wives, attributing it to his belief that one woman could not fulfill his needs
  • He engaged in a frank conversation with his first wife before making the decision, ensuring they reached a consensus
  • His wife, during the interview, commended her husband for his forthrightness and honesty about his personal needs and limitations

In a candid discussion with Punch Newspaper, a Nigerian pastor revealed the rationale behind his decision to marry three wives.

He confessed that living a falsehood was not an option, as he was acutely conscious that one woman would not suffice to satisfy him.

The pastor came up with his reason for marrying more than one wifeThe pastor’s wife sees reason with him. Photo credit: PUNCH NewspaperSource: Facebook

He is honest, wife says

The pastor shared that he had an open dialogue with his first wife, leading to a mutual agreement.

During the interview, his wife expressed admiration for her husband’s sincerity towards himself.

This honest revelation highlights the complexities of marital expectations and personal fulfillment.

Netizens react to the pastor’s video

Watch the video below:

Okeke Collins said:

“Prophet didn’t say he has stopped at three wives. More might still join to attain Solomon status.”

Ben C.C. Amuchie:

“It’s very wrong for him to have more than one wife. But let me not judge him, I’m not God.”

G A Okegbe:

“I love such courage, Lord have mercy on us.”

Andy Kayne:

“People are so brainwashed that they think the only way to live life is by western standards. Firstly as Africans we are naturally a Polygamous society. Secondly from a biblical perspective, there are many characters in the bible that were polygamous. You cannot only take the parts that serve your purpose in a religion, there is a whole book. Christianity is a judaic faith, just like Islam.”

Justin James:

“He is only justifying his rough decisions.”

Lagos prophet practising polygamy gives reason

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that the general overseer of the Vineyard of Deliverance ministry, Prophet Joseph Apata, recently shared the reasons behind his decision to have multiple wives.

Hailing from the Ebira tribe in Kogi state, he reflected on the beginning of his polygamous journey in 1999 when he married his first wife, Pastor Margaret Tani Apata, who was initially a member of his congregation.

He shared that the situation didn’t improve as time went on, so he sought divine help.

There is also a story about a Nigerian man, who tied the knot with his three brides, Blessing, Nancy and Sulumshima on the same day.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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