Nigerian man with 200 million coins on Tapswap in tears after trying to open app

  • A Nigerian man said he has not been able to access the Tapswap app as he shared his frustrations online
  • The man said he has now mined at least 200 million coins on the platform, fearing it might be lost if he failed to log in
  • Many people from Nigeria have said they were unable to access the viral Telegram coin-mining platform

A man is sad that his Tapswap app refused to open after he had successfully acquired millions of coins on the app.

The coin miner posted a video on TikTok expressing deep frustrations after he could not gain access to continue mining.

Man says his Tapswap refused to open.Man shows his 200 million coins on Tapswap. Photo: Getty Images/Igor Alecsander and X/Tapswap. Man’s photo used for illustration only.Source: UGC

The man is apparently scared that the 200 million coins he has acquired on Tapswap might be frittered away due to his inability to gain access.

Many people from Nigeria have said they could not access the viral Telegram coin mining platform.

In a statement, Tapswap said it didn’t ban Nigerian tappers but noted that it had to request verification to check bot activities.

Also speaking to Fox Nigeria, Fidelis Ozuawala, a cryptocurrency expert at Wapttors Academy, said mined coins cannot be lost.

His words:

“No, Tapswap is powered by Solana, a layer one blockchain project. And when you got into Tapswap some of the first tasks you were asked was to connect your Solana wallet. If you connected your wallet, once snapshots are taken, a release date is made public, your tokens would be sent to that Solana wallet you connected.

They may introduce a method to disqualify bot-controlled accounts, such as requiring you to click a “Claim” button. So, if your Tapswap account can’t be opened by then, you may now have issues. However, myself and several others weren’t able to have smooth access to our account on the 26th May as the system rate-limited us, but as of typing this, everything seems fine.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as man says his Tapswap refused to open

@PablolionEscobar2020 said:

“Use VPN. My own is working with VPN now.”

@Qwindee said:

“No one is talking about how to cash out these coins.”

Lady gives reasons why Tapswap was not opening

In a related story, a Nigerian lady said she decided to start coin mining on Tapswap so that she would benefit if it paid participants.

Ose Sweet said when Notcoin started, people rushed to mine coins on the app, but she refused to participate.

According to her, Notcoin later paid some people she knew, noting that someone made N368,000 from it.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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