Nigerian man who gave free water in street finds out a neighbour locked the tap

  • A Nigerian man said he provided tap water outside his house so his neighbours could have access to it
  • However, he was surprised that after the first day, one of the neighbours bought a padlock and locked the tap
  • When asked why she locked the tap, the neighbour said she wanted to control access to the tap water

A Nigerian man has narrated what happened after he provided tap water outside his house for neighbours to fetch.

According to the man, he wanted his neighbours to have access to tap water but one of the neighbours shocked him.

Man provides water for his neighbours.One of the neighbours locked the tap. Photo credit: X/@Niran_GMH and Getty Images/Peter Buchacher.Source: UGC

In a story shared on X, the man, @Niran_GMH said he was surprised to come out one day and found that the tap was locked.

He said he later discovered it was one of the neighbours to locked the tap with padlock.

He enquired to know why the neighbour had to lock the tap, and she said it was to control access to it.

The story goes:

“I created a tap outside the fence for neighbours to fetch water. On the first day, a neighbor bought padlock to lock the tap. She claimed that she thought it should be regulated. Mind you, she had never spoken to me or anyone in the hse before.”

The man said he went ahead to instruct the woman to unlock the tap to allow people to freely fetch water.

The story, which is trending online, surprised many netizens who took to the comment section to air their views.

When asked what he did in reaction, the man said:

“Instructed her to remove the padlock.”

See the post below:

Reactions from Nigerians

@psychok1tten asked:

“I hope you sha nod her.”

@naijama asked:

“And who was going to be in charge of the key?”

@naijama said:

“And who was going to be in charge of the key?”

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Source: Fox Nigeria

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