Nigerian Man Who Bought Expensive G-Wagon Slaps Son for Touching His Car, Video Trends Online

  • A Nigerian man’s reaction after his son touched his G-Wagon has sparked mixed reactions in the comments
  • The father was checking out the newly purchased vehicle when his son decided to touch the car in his father’s presence
  • Immediately his hand came in contact with the car, his father who was not having it smacked his hand with a stern face

A Nigerian father recently lashed out at his son who touched his expensive newly purchased whip.

The rich father bought a G-Wagon car and he was still checking it out when his son moved closer to the car.

Man frowns, smacks son for touching his new G-WagonNigerian man smacks son for touching his G-Wagon car
Photo credit: @yabaleftonline/X.Source: Twitter

Angry dad smacks son for touching car

In the video shared by @yabaleftonline on the X app, the father immediately got offended over his son’s action.

He smacked his hand and gave the boy a stern look that made him move away from the car very fast.

The clip generated funny reactions in the comments as netizens suggested reasons as to why his father acted the way he did.

Reactions as G-Wagon owner smacks son

Nigerians stormed the comments section to share their thoughts about the video.

Ojogbon said:

“This man na werey.”

Don Ave commented:

“How many do you want?Short man will always be short man, rich or pooor, attitude remain the same!”

Tomiwa O said:

“Be like say na the guy wey bash the last one be that.”

Uzoma commented:

“if I slap your hand ehee I never pay you wan spoil am. Na so you dey spoil everything”.

Alessi said:

“The price sef edey make me sick.. u Dey Dey come touch am.”

Philemon reacted:

“Your hand no worthy to touch this Motor I am paying huge for.”

Stone reacted:

“This is like the man that Stole mandate, now cant perform. What does the guy do for work to be able to afford a #300m naira suv? Pls dont tell me he is a politician.”

Content King added:

“He probably has waited for this moment all his life but couldn’t drive. Yet, wouldn’t allow anyone touch his new baby. Oya move the baby, mbah.”

Watch the video below:

Man excited over new car

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a young Nigerian man recently made headlines after purchasing a luxurious Mercedes Benz, sparking considerable interest and conversation.

The shared video showcased him enjoying a ride in his new acquisition, with a particular focus on the car’s elegant interior, which viewers found quite impressive.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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