Nigerian man invents device that makes use of water and salt to produce light

  • A Nigerian man has produced a lamp which can illuminate homes with the use of a simple salt and water solution
  • The man, Samuel Yakubu, who is from Bida, Kaduna state, said he started working on the device in 2003
  • After sending a prototype of it to China, Yakubu was able to modify it properly, becoming a cheap source of light for households

A talented Nigerian man has successfully invented a simple device that gives light to homes.

The device is called WATTer Lamp, and it makes use of simple water and salt solution to produce light.

Man invents lamp that makes use of salt and water.The lamp makes use of a salt and water solution. Photo credit: FIJ. Light bulb used for illustration only.Source: UGC

The inventor, Samuel Yakubu, said he started working on the device in 2003 when he made use of kerosene, unripe fruits and rechargeable batteries.

He noted that his aim was to help families to afford it irrespective of social status.

He told FIJ:

“My target when I started was about light. I wanted to ensure that anybody could afford to run it, access it, irrespective of their social status or location. Not everyone can afford to run generators or install solar systems in their homes, but with this, people won’t have to worry about darkness.”

Yakubu said he later sent the prototype of the product to China, where it was modified and now it is being marketed.

“In 2011, I sent a prototype to China for production through someone I met via Ali Express. I shared the raw materials with them and they began production, but I could not reach them until 2023. In 2023, I was eventually able to travel to China; we reached an agreement and I returned to Nigeria with some of the products.”

The lamp is very easy to use. One pours water and salt into the lantern bag, and the light comes.

Man charged N22 million for solar system

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man has disclosed the amount of money he was charged by a solar energy company when he wanted it installed for him.

The man, Eniola Akinkotu, said he was given an invoice indicating he had to pay the sum of N22 million for the solar installation.

The invoice stated that the solar installation could power three units of air conditioners, televisions, laptops, bulbs and a washing machine.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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