Nigerian man cries, begs girlfriend not to go home, she rubs his head, people talk

  • A young Nigerian man could hold back his tears as his visiting girlfriend got ready to return home
  • The man had tears rolling down his checks as his girlfriend comforted him while filming the situation
  • Many people who reacted the clip of the man crying said that he had no sense of pride and should not have behaved like a child

A Nigerian man forgot pride and cried like an infant because his girlfriend was going home.

The lady who came to visit tried to comfort him as he rubbed his head and told him to stop crying.

Relationship drama/Man and his girlfriend.The man cried as he looked at his girlfriend.
Photo source: @yabaleftonlineSource: Twitter

Man cried for love

According to the girlfriend in a video reshared by YabaleftOnline, the man had been crying the night before since he knew the lady would going the next day.

She said the young man had not been eating well because he was sad she was returning home.

In Yoruba, the lady asked:

“Why are you crying like this? Did I tell you I won’t come back again?”

Watch their video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

@Ralphbezz said:

“Mumu he is a beginner. Wetin women go do you for this life eh, your body go tell you.”

@1804Vinchi said:

“Unlock that guy now.”

@yourodogwu said:

“Make she no break this one heart oooo.”

@Mykoladoo wondered:

“Lmao for this economy?”

@ibukun_tayo said:

“Then Pablo should pay for her Bride price. If na the enjoyment dey worry am.”

@ani_ukpanah said:

“Why some guys dey do things like this na?”

@lesstalk355 said:

“It’s good to express your love and affection but not to Nigeria girls.”

@slypromax said:

“If you cry because of a girl then that shows you have no options. Benin man no fit cry because of woman, this one na Yoruba men levels.”

@SoxesDemos1 said:

“The phone shows that the guy is gone(how you go buy iPhone 12pro max for babe while you dey use 11 Wen no be pro max.”

@Investorchim_a said:

“Showing emotions to a woman. You gonna learn the hard way.”

Another man cried as girlfriend left

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a video of a young man breaking down in tears after escorting his girlfriend to a bus station went viral online, eliciting mixed reactions from netizens.

The video, which was reposted on Facebook by a user named Gabsmwanix, showed the young man struggling to hold back his emotions as he bids farewell to his better half.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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