Nigerian man buys phone with N381k Notcoin earnings, hits 15.5m coins on TapSwap

  • A Nigerian man said he made $260 (N381,000) from Notcoin, and he said he used the money to buy himself a Samsung phone
  • The man said nothing will stop him from taking part in the ongoing coin mining on Tapswap as he hopes to also cash out from it
  • Already, the man has hit 15 million coins on Tapswap, as seen in a video he shared, showing him mining with seriousness

A Nigerian man said he was one of those who made money from Notcoin after it paid people.

The man said it was one of the reasons he was taking part in mining coins on Tapswap, a similar project.

Man makes $260 from Notcoin.The man said he used money he made from Notcoin to buy a Samsung phone. Photo credit: TikTok/@_gentle_boi and Getty Images/Bloomberg.Source: UGC

In a video he posted on TikTok, the man said he would not listen to anyone telling him not to mine coins on Tapswap.

According to Gentle Boi, he was able to pocket $260 (N381,000) from Notcoin, and this encouraged him to mine coins on Tapswap.

Gentle Boi said he used the money he made from Notcoin to buy himself a Samsung phone.

Presently, Gentle Boi has over 15 million coins on Tapswap, and he is still mining, vowing not to stop.

When asked how many coins he mined on Notcoin to make the money, he said it was 30 million.

Making money from Tapswap

Speaking to Fox Nigeria about Tapswap’s popularity, Fidelis Ozuawala, a cryptocurrency expert at Waptutors, said some people might not make money from It.

He told Fox Nigeria:

“Those using automated clicker apps might be fished out and disqualified like it was for NOTCOIN or best your millions or billions of tokens slashed to actual value. As long as the project makes its way to launching on an exchange, YES, everyone would earn some dollars, but many of which may be worth less than what people are expecting. Don’t mind the price points propaganda flying around, it would be worth less than that, way less.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as man makes money from Notcoin

@Sandie said:

“Please, how many coin did you have in your Notcion that you sold, that gave you the 300k?”

@Mirany said:

“Bro I made 269k bought my phone 235k, hot 40 pro. I nor tap again.”

@cóllins zubby asked:

“Guy how do you get to 14m in Tapswap this quick and you are in legendary, and I’m also in legendary but in 3m tap. Please explain.”

Man buys AC with money earned from Notcoin

Meanwhile, a Nigerian youth happily showcased the air conditioner he purchased thanks to earnings from Notcoin.

He posed with the AC and urged crypto enthusiasts to keep tapping to take advantage of Tapswap mining.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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