Nigerian man builds 3 storey house with many flats, installs borehole, fences his investment

  • A young Nigerian man got many applauding his investment move as he built a multi flat house for rent
  • The young landlord thanked God for the blessing as people said that he must have spent millions of naira
  • The beautiful house has a staircase in the middle that leads to each floor and entrance of different flats

A young Nigerian man has made a big investment into his life as he built a multi-tenament house.

He showed the month the house was decked with iron rods and concerts. He supervised the projects.

The man painted the building to attract prospective tenants willing to rent flats. The interior had a POP design.

He had many water tanks installed in the house. Towards the end of his video, he posed in front of the house.

Nigerians celebrated his investment as some tried to guess how much he sunk into the big housing project.

Watch his video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Manager Divi said:

“I dont know you but this is a lifetime investment,congratulation God way do am for you make e do for me and for every body that commented.”

Princewill said:

“Baba i no know you but na man you be.”

JNR said:

“E be like say na me and you wise pass. Better investment!”

Obitee said:

“Congrats..To build no easy…ordinary Decking my 6 bedroom duplex chop me 13m last month…I go finish sha..In Jesus name.”

DjFreshyo said:

“200m well spent.”

davidsean said:

“Una go buy small land build big mansion on top. God way do your won go do mine.”

Anita said:

“God I see what u are doing for others ,I connect my husband,dad and my brothers to this testimony,God please, remember them, congratulations man.”

sabinwa said:

“With the structure of the house I don know sey na Igbo man you be.”

johnbabatunde293 said:

“Congratulations bro, but next time invest in service apartment. rentage take a longer time to recoup.”

Micklefx said:

“Omo see as u did it as of it was easy.. congrats.. over 100m plus was spent here indeed.”

Another young man built house

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a smart Nigerian man invested his money into his future as he built a portable bungalow.

After he (@prince_ice21) finished construction, he filmed around the house to show people how well-built the home was.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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