Nigerian man angry as girlfriend wants to use her N250k savings to buy iPhone

  • A Nigerian lady said she wanted to buy an iPhone which is worth N250k, but this did not go down well with her boyfriend
  • Her man said she should look for a low-budget phone and buy, but the lady insisted she wanted to purchase an iPhone
  • Her boyfriend has tabled the matter on social media, noting that the lady in question earns N25k as a monthly salary

A Nigerian lady who earns N25,000 per month says she wants to buy an iPhone for herself

She insists that she needs an iPhone despite objections from her boyfriend, who is advising against such.

Lady insists on buying phone worth N250k.The lady said she wants to buy an iPhone worth N250k. Photo credit: Getty Images/ljubaphoto and Oscar Wong. Photos used for illustration only.Source: Getty Images

The lady’s story was shared on X by Wizarab after it was sent to him by the anonymous boyfriend.

The story has it that the lady’s boyfriend wants her to buy a low-budget phone so as to save cost, but she is bent on getting an iPhone.

The story goes:

“Please, what’s your take on this? My Girlfriend wants to use all the money she saved to get an iPhone of 250k. I told her she doesn’t need it and she should get a low-budget phone for at least 100k, but she refused, saying it’s her money, she earns 25k per month from her job… I don talk tire, she no gree.”

See the post below:

Reactions as lady insists on buying an iPhone

Maggie Parker said:

“What’s she buying the phone for? Does she depend on you for upkeep, if yes, then she has misplaced priority. If she wants to buy the phone for business, still make her understand why she can get something lesser with good camera as well and she can save the rest to boost her business. If she intends to buy the phone for personal use and still depends on you for upkeep, then you know what you should do… she cant be a liability and still not have sense. Fling her….she has shown you she will not help you build your home.”

Osueke Henry said:

“Her money, her choice. Why should you decide what and how she spends her 10 months hard-earned salary. Give her your blessings to spend her money. But while at that, make sure she is no longer your girlfriend.”

Lady breaks up with her man

Meanwhile, lady has shared a heartbreaking video showing the reaction of her ex-boyfriend after she broke up with him.

The young lady lamented that he shattered her iPhone 13 pro max beyond repair after she told him that it was over.

Netizens in the comments section commended the young lady for deciding to leave such a relationship.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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