Nigerian Lady Who Sells Herbs Speaks Good English, Gets Job Offer

  • A remarkable video surfaced showcasing a Nigerian lady effortlessly marketing her local herbs
  • In the video, the excited lady held the herbs while seamlessly blending English and Yoruba languages
  • Her impressive English proficiency has caught the attention of many, including a viewer who is eager to offer her a job opportunity if she can be located

An amazing video shows a Nigerian lady selling local herbs and switching effortlessly between English and Yoruba languages.

The lady faced the camera to market her herbs while holding them in two hands. She indicated that she was from Ektii state, contrary to claims that she was from Ibadan.

Nigerian lady who sells herb speaks impeccable EnglishThe lady gets a job offer from someone. Photo credit: @threaldotun/XSource: Twitter

Her excellent English skills have impressed many, including a viewer who wants to offer her a job – if only she can find her.

A lady who identified as @ifeoluw08065589 commented:

“Please can we get to this woman. There’s Job opportunity if she’s willing and small cash price.”

Why is English lingua franca in Nigeria?

According to the Journal of Universal Language, English has become the lingua franca in Nigeria due to its colonial heritage from British rule and the need for a common language among the country’s over 500 ethnic groups and languages.

There is also its role as the language of instruction in educational institutions, and its association with economic advancement, which makes it the preferred medium for business transactions and government affairs.

This confluence of historical, educational, and economic factors has solidified English’s position as a practical tool for interethnic communication and official discourse in Nigeria, JUL opined.

Watch the video below:

Lady’s foreign accent stuns viewers

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian woman, Morenikeji Temitope Moroundiya, who is based in Osogbo, has gone viral after showcasing her accent.

The woman who hadn’t been abroad spoke with a foreign accent that left many netizens in disbelief.

The woman clarified doubts about her base, stating that she has never been outside Nigeria before, neither is she a deported.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria reported that a Nigerian hawker who sells Ogiri (locust bean) in Lagos impressed people with her advertising skills.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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