Nigerian lady shows money she picked on road in UK, seeks advice on what to do

  • A Nigerian lady in the diaspora has displayed the money she picked up on the road in the United Kingdom
  • According to the lady, she was on her way to work and headed to catch a bus when she stumbled upon the money
  • She funnily sought advice on what to do with the money and expressed delight at coming across it

A Nigerian lady, @biggmabs, expressed excitement after picking up £20 (N31,500) on her way to work.

The UK-based lady said she did not hesitate to pick up the money and did not fear about turning to a yam.

Lady shows money she picked on road in the UK, shocks peopleShe said she picked the money on the road.
Photo Credit: @biggmabsSource: Facebook

“…I grabbed it Me I don’t even care whether I turn to yam. Which rubbish yam? A whole two hours shift money. 20 pounds guys,” she said amid laughter.

She sought help on what to do

She added that she asked around to see if the owner would come for it.

“But I was brave enough to turn around to see who owns this money, who owns this money, but nobody came out. I was so happy.”

“Should I take it to the police station?” she wondered as she sought advice from netizens.

Her video went viral online and got people talking.

Still on picking money, a man had flaunted the money he picked at Wizkid’s mum’s burial.

People react to @biggmabs video

Silver Praise Agunuwa said:

“I can’t wait to be picking pounds on the ground when I go to obodo oyibo .

“Make unah drop location make I take note.”

Peter Ikechukwu said:

“Wow, that’s about 32k for naija oo. Lucky you. Such luck is rare here.”

Titilayo Bunmi Ashley Ajanaku said:

“I found 20 euro on the floor abroad. Throughout that night I couldn’t sleep. My shock was one white man passed it n didn’t see it. I saw it and I almost fainted. I was too happy.”

Ehis Sunny Kennedy said:

“Go to police and give it to them, if they keep it for one month nobody claims it ,they ll give it back to u with receipt and award of honest citizens ,for example u going to look for work in Sweden the company normally request police reports including application, if police attach the certificate of honesty direct to company the job is 99%sure for u.”

Aj Saly said:

“There is a guy in Sweden that keeps money in every small conner and video post it to any lucky ones … I found 500sek almost 50euro in train some time back.”

Anastasia Chali said:

“That’s how British government are deporting Africans by using the money. You will find yourself in the motherland , shocked and wondering around .”

People pick money scattered by bullion van

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that people left their cars to pick up money scattered on the road by a bullion van.

Filming the scene, a young lady known on Instagram as Demi Baby said it was the most insane thing she had ever seen.

A part of the clip showed a man with both hands full of dollar bills as he screamed excitedly. A report by Fox News, however, said that arrests were made on some of the people who packed the cash.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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