Nigerian Lady Shows Her Meticulously Arranged Hostel Room That Looks Like an Expensive Hotel

  • A Nigerian student impressed social media users after she showed them how neatly her room was arranged
  • The one-room apartment has many beautiful things in it, including a nice curtain, a bed and a cute shoe rack
  • The arrangement of the room impressed a lot of people who appreciated the lady for being neat

A Nigerian student who lives in a one-room apartment has shown people how she arranged it.

The lady had the room meticulously painted in a nice pink colour and also had her things well-kept.

Lady shows off her room online.The lady showed people her room in school. Photo credit: TikTok/Ewatomi.Source: TikTok

In the video posted by Ewatomi, the room is so nicely arranged that it caught the attention of her followers.

Ewatomi asked people not to laugh at her because she lives in a one-room apartment in school.

But instead of laughing, many of those who commented appreciated how well she kept her room no matter how small.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as student shares a video of her room

@Dija said:

“I was expecting my room in school vs my room at home.”

@Omah commented:

“I was expecting my room at school vs my room at home. Anyways cute room.”

@Ronnie asked:

“Who else was waiting for “vs my room at home.”

@Sassy said:

“Insult kee, you wey get wardrobe and shoe rack. Me wey dey put my shoe for inside cartoon.”

@sommie said:

“Oya take this mic. As a student why u no get table and chair?”

@Dee said:

“You even get cupboard’s seff. Na bed and pot and curtain I get. No tiles no carpet.”

@Rhee said:

“Insult ke? My love your room is fine.”

@SorrowfulSoul asked:

“Where your location? Make I come help you use light design am make e look go better.”

@Twinkle asked:

“Your location make I come spend this weekend there?”

Man shows off portable house on TikTok

In a related story, Fox Nigeria reported that a Nigerian man had shown people a video of a portable house which could be taken to anywhere the owner wants.

The house, which is beautifully painted, has a tiled floor, bathroom and toilet and could be lifted and planted on the owner’s land.

TikTok user, Oladele, who posted the video, said all one needs to own the house is a parcel of land where it could be planted.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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