Nigerian lady shares experience after making eye contact with man at restaurant

  • A Nigerian lady has shared her hilarious experience after trying to flirt with an admirer at a restaurant
  • According to her, she noticed that the young man was passionately staring at her and she decided to show him ‘green light’
  • However, the man did not come over to her seat as she expected rather he continued fixing his gaze on her while she ate

A Nigerian lady has tackled an admirer who failed to understand the ‘green light’ he showed her at a restaurant.

The lady had noticed that he was constantly staring at her and she decided to make a move so he could come over to her seat.

Lady disappointed after flirting with man at restaurantLady knocks man for ignoring her ‘green light’ signal
Photo credit: @naomikinan/X, Kobus Louw/ Getty images.
Depicted photo of man has no relationship with story. Photo for illustration only.Source: TikTok

Lady flirts with admirer in restaurant

According to the lady identified as @naomikinan on X, she decided to flirt with him so he would know that it was okay to come over and speak to her.

A video showed her giving him a direct eye contact and smiling afterwards to assure him that she was friendly.

However, Naomi said she was disappointed that the man still didn’t make a move rather he kept on staring at her while she ate her meal.

“That was all I had to give. If you wanted to come up to me, you would have come up to me cause what again should I do? Should I wave off my flag or come and meet you? No.

“If you wanted to, you would and that was my own little way of saying come up and I will listen to whatever you have to say. We can vibe cause c’mon life is short. Omo this adventure everytime you never know who you can meet. Oga continued staring at me and didn’t make a move. Nothing nothing.”

Reactions as lady shares experience with admirer

Nigerians stormed the comments section on TikTok to share their opinions.

Ultra Tunz said:

“Maybe he feels pity for you.”

@DARK asked:

“Is that your real voice bro?”

@Hiro said:

“Direct eye contact and a smile is not an invitation ohh guys no let peson insult u ohhhh.”

@Hiro said:

“Direct eye contact and a smile is not an invitation ohh guys no let peson insult u ohhhh.”

@Coded burna said:

“The reason I didn’t com to u was bcx of ur video rec.I’m not in Manchester but I will love us to b United ds weekend.”

@ĦOLY・FLAME added:

“Same story my grandma told me, now she’s 87 and still single. No too reason am oo.”

See the post below:

Heartbroken man says ladies call him a flirt

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a TikTok user narrated how his good looks made it difficult for women to trust him.

According to him, his physical appearance made ladies assume he was a flirt, causing trust issues in his relationships.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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