Nigerian lady sees her dad with side chick, captures video and shares it online

  • A lady said she went to a restaurant to celebrate her mother’s birthday, but she met her father there with another woman
  • The lady said she was there with her mother, and her father was with a side chick who was ordering him around
  • She said after her father came back from the restaurant, he asked them to move out of his house without delay

A lady who visited a restaurant to celebrate her mother’s birthday said she saw her father cruising with another woman.

In a video shared on TikTok, the lady insisted that her father likes spending money on outsiders more than his family.

Lady shares video of her father at a restaurant with a side chick.The lady said her father likes spending money on outsiders. Photo credit: TikTok/@estherokoh216.Source: TikTok

The lady, Princess Sommy, noted that her father was always shouting at them at home, but they saw the side chick ordering him around.

Princess wrote on TikTok:

“You go to Shoprite to celebrate your mum’s birthday, only to jam your papa and him side chick. Imagine having a dad that spends only on outsiders and doesn’t give two hoots about his family.”

She said her father acted like he did not know them when they were at the restaurant.

Her words:

“And he even acted like he didn’t know us. The babe kept ordering him around.”

Princes lamented that her father said he did not have money but was spending it on a ‘babe’.

However, in the comment section of the post, she said her father came back home and asked them to pack out of his house.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady meets her father with a side chick

@Shu_ga said:

“Later one person go come talk say no matter what your father is still your father.”

@Ray ray said:

“Later when the children begin take care of their mum him go say the woman turn the children against him.”

Woman cheats on her husband in the UK

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The man was said to have spent more than N30 million to secure their visa, but the lady had her eyes on her ex.

She reportedly visited her ex, who lives in Plymouth, spending £100 on a train ride from Dundee to cheat on her husband.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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