Nigerian lady seen sweating inside bus after applying makeup before travelling

  • A lady who boarded a bus from Ibadan, Oyo state, to Benin has shown what heat did to her in the vehicle
  • The lady’s make-up was damaged as she sweated profusely due to a lack of air conditioner in the commercial bus
  • A lot of people who saw the video shared similar experiences while on a journey, lamenting the high level of heat these days

A Nigerian lady who travelled to Benin, Edo state, showed what heat did to her during the journey.

She narrated how the heat frustrated her, making her even cry due to the intensity.

Lady sweats profusely inside bus.Nigerian lady sweats inside a bus. Photo credit: TikTok/@princessy260.Source: TikTok

In a TikTok post, the lady lamented that the bus she boarded did not have an air conditioner to cushion the hot weather.

Princess Florence said she boarded the bus from Ibadan, Oyo state, to Benin, Edo state.

Florence first showed her beautiful face when she was about to embark on the journey, and her makeup was still intact.

However, the heat in the vehicle made her sweat such that her makeup was completely wiped off.

The video is captioned:

“You boarded a bus without AC from Ibadan to Benin. I literally cried all through my travel back to Benin.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady shares what heat did to her

@Edena Emmanuel said:

“For this fuel scarcity, you still dey find AC lol, just dey play.”

@jennyfrosh4 said:

“You no know the country.”

@S.Ajiboye_Furniture said:

“You suppose take hand fan with you.”

@monica okparaeke said:

“So sorry my love. Nigeria happened.”

@Gozie asked:

“Rain beat you inside bus?”

Lady shares her experience on a night bus from Lagos to Aba

In a related story earlier reported by Fox Nigeria, a lady decided to travel to the Eastern part of Nigeria using a night bus which moved from Lagos state.

The lady, Favour, recorded the whole journey in a video, sharing her experience after paying N24,000 as fare from Lagos to Aba.

Favour said she decided to experience a night journey, but the bus broke down shortly after taking off and they spent several hours waiting for it to be repaired.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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