Nigerian lady opens up after flying Airpeace to London for the first time

  • A Nigerian lady narrated her journey on an Air Peace flight from Lagos to London, describing it as a valuable experience
  • She revealed that she paid N880,000 for her ticket, a price point she acknowledged was more affordable compared to other airlines
  • The flight’s punctuality was noted, and she was particularly impressed with the in-flight cuisine, which she regarded as the best

A Nigerian lady recently shared a detailed narrative of her travel on an Air Peace flight from Lagos to London, which she described as an exceptionally worthwhile experience

She elaborated on the cost of her ticket, a sum of N880,000, and expressed her satisfaction with the value, noting that it was significantly lower than what she would have paid with other competing airlines.

The lady break silence about her experienceThe lady also commented on the food. Photo credit: @ireshandleSource: TikTok

She praised the airline’s adherence to the schedule, emphasizing that the flight departed and arrived precisely on time, a factor that greatly contributed to the overall positive impression of her journey.

Moreover, she was delighted by the culinary offerings aboard the flight, as shared by @ireshandle.

She recounted that the meal served was not only delectable but also surpassed any she had previously encountered during her travels, setting a new benchmark for her expectations of in-flight dining.

Upon touching down in London, her journey concluded with a seamless transition from the airport to her home.

Watch the video:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Angie Da First said:

“Thank you for giving your sincere and positive review, if we don’t promote our own who will? Having our own Nigerian International air carrier is long over due. THANK YOU AIR PEACE.”


“Nice to see Nigerians supporting their own. Something you guys are very good at. Kudos to AirPeace.”

The Blessed:

“AirPeace is really trying. I love their Lagos Johannesburg flight. They should pls keep it up. God will keep strengthening them.”


“How come flight to uk is now cheaper than flight to Cameroon. i paid almost 1.1 million to Douala in Cameroon last December with airpeace.”


“Looks like initially gra gra to me. Is it not the same air peace? After a while, they might increase and start delaying flights.”

Olamide DorbnScents:

“This is nice. If economy is getting that type of food what would first class be having?may they maintain ass this business. Amen.”


“I trust ibo man with business.”


“Thanks for the review. I am reposting it. more Nigerians thanke here need to see and use Airpeace.”


“Fly Airpeace.”

Tehmie Loluwa:

“800+ for return or one way.”

Man celebrates as airlines slash prices

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that in a surprising turn of events, a man indicated that airlines have drastically reduced their ticket prices to Nigeria.

An X user, @McCartney000, recently brought this to light, expressing his astonishment at the sudden price drop.

According to @McCartney000, the cost of a return ticket to Nigeria has plummeted to as low as N470, 000.

There is also a story of a Nigerian lady came online to share her experience, After flying with Air Peace from Lagos to London on May 30.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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