Nigerian Lady Moves Abroad as Teenager, Captures Her Final Moment at the Airport and Plane

  • A young Nigerian lady’s heartfelt video narration of her emigration journey became an instant sensation on TikTok
  • Video captured her farewell at the airport and the moment aboard her flight to a new beginning outside the country
  • Eventually, arrived in the foreign country and took some time to take several photos which she added to her TikTok video

A young lady who had emigrated narrated her teenage experience of leaving Nigeria, a story that gained widespread attention on TikTok.

The video depicted her arrival at the airport, capturing moments with her family in photographs.

Nigerian young lady shared her relocation storyNigerian lady relocates abroad as a teenager. Photo credit: @defftella2Source: TikTok

As shown by @deffnotella2, after boarding her flight, she endured the long haul, ultimately reaching her destination abroad.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Kingsmartonline said:

“Congratulations, please pray for my approval I tap from your blessings.”

David wrote:

“I remember when I was 15 coming to UK I nearly got at Instabul airport during transit.”


“She’s a blessing, congratulations.”


“Congratulations ‘ pls sorry for asking but what visa did you do is it student visa or visiting visa.”


“Congratulations. I tap into your blessing.”

ITZ _Adah:

“Let me start booking my flight ticket to Nigeria o.”


“Congratulations R i tap from your blessing I pray I receive my approval this new month.”


“Congratulations Me and my family shall tap from the blessing in Jesus name. Amen.”

Lady speaks after relocating abroad

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a brave Nigerian lady decided to leave her home country and embark on a journey to the UK, where she hoped to find better opportunities and a new life.

She had always dreamt of living in the UK, but she faced many challenges and doubts from others who did not share her vision.

She shared her honest experience of living in the UK and how she overcame the obstacles and fears that others had projected on her decision.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria reported that a Nigerian lady who recently relocated to Manchester, United Kingdom, has shared her relocation journey with netizens.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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