Nigerian Lady Laments as Groom Refuses to Console His Bride Crying on Their Wedding Day

  • A young bride was so ecstatic during her wedding ceremony that she could not help but shed tears of joy
  • In the video posted on TikTok and X (formerly Twitter), the groom remain calm and distant showing no emotion or comfort for her
  • A lady lamented that it was insensitive of the man to not comfort her bride when she saw her shedding tears

A young bride was overwhelmed with elation at her wedding celebration, leading her to involuntarily tears of happiness.

The clip revealed the groom maintaining a composed and detached demeanor, devoid of any emotional response or solace towards her.

The bride cried uncontrollably as groom looked awayLady criticizes groom for lack of empathy. Photo credit: @khadijah_aminu_shariffSource: TikTok

A lady, identified as @sugarbelly expressed her dismay, deeming the groom’s lack of consoling gestures towards his tearful bride on their matrimonial day as callous.

She wrote:

“If I see my son ignoring his bride like this, I will disrupt his wedding. The fact that his family didn’t immediately call him to order is a red flag. How is your bride crying and you’re looking ahead, chewing gum like a goat, without comforting her?”

This sparked a flurry of opinions from the public.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

@fetch_goodvibes said:

“Love looks different in every culture. Not everyone subscribes to western ideals of intimacy and romance. He is probably very hurt and wants to hold her but due to protocol or masculine ideals of their culture, he needs to appear stoic.”

@harrypearl783 wrote:

“Marriage isn’t marriage without Love, & Empathy is part of love. This guy needs training & if he is not ready to learn, he shouldn’t be getting married. If you can’t treat your wife like you would treat your sister and mother, in relation to love, you are not ready for marriage.”


“They look like they don’t even know each other fr. Those tears do not look like happy tears at all.”

Bride laments as her mother sends her to fetch water

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a lady shared a video on the platform, informing her followers that her wedding was fast approaching.

However, the lady said her mother has refused to stop sending her around the compound to do domestic chores.

The lady, Abynar June, was spotted carrying a large pot on her head as if she had gone to the stream early in the morning.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a bride remembered her ex-boyfriend on her wedding day and mocked him.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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