Nigerian Lady in UK Receives Fried Goat Meat All the Way from Nigeria, Sent by Her Mother

  • A young lady excitedly shared how her mother prepared a special dish for her and sent it all the way from Nigeria
  • In her video, the lady showcased the delicious fried goat meat she received from her mother, expressing her fondness for it
  • The goat meat, which was delectably fried and neatly packaged, was showcased by the woman

A young lady had previously broadcasted the story of her mother’s unique culinary creation, which was sent to her from Nigeria and swiftly gained popularity on TikTok.

In the video, the lady presented the fried goat meat she had received from her mother, expressing her fondness for it. The goat was expertly fried and neatly packed into a single item.

The lady was excited about the meat.She indicated it sent by her mother. Photo credit: @jenniesimpssSource: TikTok

This engaging narrative of a mother’s love expressed through food, and its subsequent viral status on TikTok, underscores the universal appeal of home-cooked meals as shown by @jenniesimpss.

Watch the video about the lady below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Ese Chidimma said:

“Wow gimme small na.”

“Omo e reach to beg ooo. This is luxury.”

Arabella chisom:

“I will not sleep till it finish.”

Mz Mary commented:

“Una dey lucky. Canada we can’t ship meat.”

Temiloluwa also commented:

“Meat. God knows I will finish it in a day.”


“How did she send it.”

Affy Luxury:

“My mum bo fit try am l go finish am within 1 week…. na my weakness be this.”

Sandra nkayy:

“Awww that so sweet of her.”


“Mothers are the reason the world has not perished fr.”


“Totally relatable…our mothers are Gold…God bless them.”

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Source: Fox Nigeria

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