Nigerian lady discovers her boyfriend of 3 years is her relative, cries out

  • After three years of dating, a Nigerian lady was heartbroken to find out she and her boyfriend are related
  • The sad lady took to social media to break the news and sought advice from people on the next step to take
  • According to her, some of her family members, aware of their relationship, do not know they are relatives

A Nigerian lady, @Lymarh__, has cried out online after she discovered her boyfriend is her relative.

A heartbroken @Lymarh__ stated that they have been dating for the past three years.

Lady finds out she and her boyfriend are relatives after dating for 3 yearsThe heartbroken lady is seeking help on what to do.
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In a viral tweet on X, the Yoruba lady sought advice on what to do, adding that not all her siblings know her boyfriend is her relative.

@Lymarh__ said the whole thing is stressing her.

“I am so stressed out. I can’t stop thinking about it. Some of my family members like my siblings know about my boyfriend, but not the fact that we are related. I am just stressed. I need someone to tell me what to do,” she wrote.

In a related incident, a couple had found out they are cousins after being married for 17 years.

See her tweet below:

@Lymarh__ discovery caused an uproar online

@MathieuSzn_ said:

“How una wan take do am now?”

@kvngchieff said:

“Sorry dear, but you have to quit now the love will never die but do the right thing.”

@Topboy7733 said:

“Hope you haven’t been smashing each other it’ll be hard to separate but you just have to, it’s saddening but you’ve got to make the right decisions.”

@Seera_01 said:

“Why be say people wey dey bear haleemah na die hards for relationships they no dey tire.”

@beri_grizou said:

“Have you both ever vibed to that Davido’s song “she calls me brother….I call her sister too.”

@spanzyfcb said:

“In the Bible, Abraham said Sarah was his sister. So just continue and call your boyfriend Abraham and yourself Sarah.”

@iamrhyno007 said:

“That’s quite a Réunion..that’s what we call an internal affair. Enjoy it.”

Couple find out they are relatives

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a couple had found out they are relatives after eight years of marriage.

In a video wherein she reacted to a netizen who wondered why it took them eight years to discover they were related, the woman downplayed leaving her man, saying she would stick with him. In her words:

“When you are adopted, it is kinda hard for you to know anything. So, when you finally get the guts to reach out to know who your real family is and you find out the unknowing that you are not happy about…”

Source: Fox Nigeria

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