Nigerian lady catches her dad eating outside during church service, videos him

  • A Nigerian lady was amused to find her father eating outside while a church service they came for was ongoing
  • The lady funnily videoed her unbothered father and shared the clip on social media as she taunted him
  • Some internet users defended her father by giving alternative reasons as to why he was outside during the church service

A Nigerian lady sent social media users into a frenzy as she exposed her father, who stepped out during a church service to eat.

She said she began recording when he put the last bit of the edible into his mouth.

Lady shares video of her dad eating outside during church serviceShe taunted her father as he stood outside the church.
Photo Credit: @tikuetageSource: TikTok

@tikuetage funnily attributed her eating habits to her father. @tikuetage shared the recording of her dad on TikTok with the caption:

“Caught my father eating outside during service I started recording late when he put the last one in his mouth. No wonder I love food like this.”

Her father appeared unbothered as she notified him of her presence. Via her TikTok page, the lady shares entertaining clips about herself and her dad.

Another lady was seen having a nice dance time with her father

Watch the video below:

@tikuetage’s video got people talking

Jerry said:

“You want make hunger fall man Abi pastor go think say na anointing.”

Ɓ.ƁØĐŸ50 said:

“Na your school fees problem Bring him outside but you will not understand E get why.”

Grayson ♍said:

“If na your dad carry that bike come. Omo people need give you chance.”

GET♀️ Rich said:

“Lol man way the think how he go take get money you the record am.”

bigcat said:

“Like father like daughter, wetin you Dey find outside?”


“Only if u know he dey calculate how he go sort the bills for the new week.”

WGND said:

“Nothing do am, I jux dey reason who carry that bike come church.”

zamoooo said:

“Person wey dey think of wat you and your siblings will eat after church.”

Drama as lady jumps on dad’s body

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a woman had created a scene after seeing her grown daughter on her husband.

In the clip, the lady was on the scene with her dad when she locked her arms around his neck while backing him.

She then turned around and jumped on him, urging him to carry her. @philex_cruise remarked about her dad’s strength as she played while still being carried. Her mum suddenly appeared on the scene and immediately ordered her daughter to come down.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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