Nigerian Lady Becomes Registered Nurse, Captures Her Initial Reaction Upon Seeing Her Result

  • A Nigerian lady was overjoyed as she celebrated her new status as a registered nurse, sharing her elation with her peers in a moment that quickly captured the hearts of TikTok users
  • The video showcased the profound significance of the milestone for her as she warmly hugged and held onto someone, overwhelmed with deep emotion
  • In a subsequent scene, she could be found seated on the floor, visibly moved as she absorbed the powerful feelings that came with realising her long-held aspiration to become a registered nurse

A Nigerian lady’s jubilation was palpable as she marked her transition to a registered nurse.

She shared this occasion with her colleagues in a poignant TikTok video that swiftly resonated across the platform.

Nigerian lady celebrates becoming registered nurseNigerian lady reacts to becoming a registered nurse. Photo credit: @rachola0206Source: TikTok

The visual narrative poignantly captured the essence of this pivotal moment for her.

As she engaged in a heartfelt embrace with a fellow nurse, her emotions spilling over in a powerful display of joy and accomplishment, as shown by @rachola0206.

Another segment of the video found her seated on the floor, a picture of contemplation, grappling with the overwhelming surge of fulfilment at having attained her lifelong ambition of nursing registration.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

HoneyO said:

“I’Il keep congratulating people until it is my turn.”

Rach_ola wrote:

“Thank you so much ..congratulations in advance.”

Chichi001 commented:

“Same with me now a registered teacher.”

Rach ola:

“Congratulations to you too.”


“Congratulations I’m so happy for you our latest RN.”


“Congratulations! Every nursing student out there the best.”




“We bear the same surname, congratulations.”


“To those still aspiring. God will do it. Love y’all.”

Adija Balogun:


Rach ola:

“Thank you so much.”

Nigerian ladies become registered nurses

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that Nigerian ladies who recently registered nurses and registered midwives have shared their feelings about the feat.

In a video, the ladies discussed how the accomplishment boosted their confidence, instilling a belief that they could accomplish even more.

Some expressed their joy by laughing heartily, while others danced with excitement.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a Nigerian woman has shared her inspiring journey of becoming a registered nurse in two different countries: Canada and the United Kingdom.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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