Nigerian lady backs her baby to market in UK, oyinbo woman rewards her

  • A Nigerian backed her baby to the market, and an oyinbo woman gave her money like an African would do to a new mum
  • The mother said the oyinbo woman praised her for backing her baby, adding that she also once did it
  • A person said that the white woman must have once lived in Africa to understand the tradition of rewarding new mothers

A Nigerian lady in the UK was surprised after she backed her baby to the market abroad. An oyinbo woman rewarded her effort.

The mother said the reason she backed the baby was because the child does not like staying alone.

New mother in UK/Woman went to the market.The mother showed off the pounds she was given.
Photo source: @jane_peterzSource: TikTok

Motherhood experience in UK

Surprised by the backing technique, the stranger rewarded her with £20 (N37,194.59). People said that her child was a lucky baby.

The mother (@jane_peterz) joked that she would carry him on her head the next time she was going to the market.

Watch her video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:


“Wao, that’s good , but why u say awoof , don’t say that again your child got good luck that’s all.”

Meka Orsu said:

“She has lived in Africa and knows our tradition. May God bless her. Squandering mummy.”

4 said:

“God bless u and your family.”

olakin481 said:

“If social cash you ehn you go explain tire.”

Chinenyenwa said:

“Ewu no just carry him for head, hawk him join Onye Igbo wey love money pass me.”

Woman backed twins

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a video shared online by @adamsmercy685 showed the moment a mother bore the weight of her two kids on her back.

With a smiling face, the woman held the babies together on her back with a single piece of cloth. Many people were wowed. The kids were arranged as if they were straddling a bench, and they looked comfortable in the position their mother placed them.

Another mother backed 2 babies

In similar news, a mother has been trending on social media after showcasing her style of carrying her twin children.

The lady identified as @afia_odo_27 on TikTok backed her babies at the same time with a single white wrapper.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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