Nigerian Couple Who Lives in the UK Gets Key to Their Own House After 3 Years of Relocation

  • A Nigerian couple residing in the UK announced that they had successfully purchased their own home, a milestone that rapidly gained widespread attention on TikTok
  • The husband, known as Daniel, shared that it took them three years following their move to achieve homeownership
  • Images of the couple, brimming with joy as they posed beside their new residence, showed their elation at securing a home in the UK

A Nigerian couple living in the UK revealed that they have finally bought their own house, and their good news went viral on TikTok.

The husband, who was identified as Daniel, disclosed that it took them three years after relocation to be able to become a house owner.

Nigerian couple becomes house ownerNigerian couple in UK posed close to their house. Photo credit: @daniel_jesuloba1Source: TikTok

The couple could be seen posing close to the house with excitement, showing how delighted they were to own a house in the UK, as shown by @daniel_jesuloba1.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Kidman said:

“You buy or mortgage?”

Dennisnganga wrote:

“It doesn’t matter.”

Gloria AUstine commented:

“Which one be you bought it or mortgage??? Is that even a legit question? Congratulations.”


“Is easy if you are with the right partner. Congratulations!”


“I bought mine after 0 months of relocation in Uk.”


“Couple goal, team work, congratulations.”

David Daima65:

“Motivation !! Now I am motivated.”


“Pov: yoU swiped right to see that wretched old ” have gone up” hoUse .this one is real congrats.”

Cynheston Photography:

“If we say make una give uS update una go go mute…congrats anyways.”

Flsay0 baby:

“Which update are you looking for again than to work and save.”

Couple in UK build their dream house

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian couple who relocated to the UK two years ago have fulfilled their aspiration of owning their house in the country.

They showed gratitude for their new home which has a stunning design with spacious rooms, elegant furniture, and stylish decorations.

The couple expressed their happiness and relief at leaving their rented accommodation, where they faced many challenges and difficulties.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a beautiful Nigerian family celebrated and was happy that they left for the UK in search of bigger opportunities.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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