Nigerian Couple Deprived Sleep as Their Kid Cries and Refuses to Go to Bed

  • A Nigerian couple who were awake late at night due to their young child gained significant attention online
  • In the video, the husband appeared exhausted, folding his arms across his chest as the baby continued to cry
  • Eventually, the mother, holding the child, did her best to soothe the little one to sleep by gently patting the child’s back

A Nigerian couple garnered considerable online attention after being up late at night with their young child.

The video showed a weary father with his arms crossed, looking fatigued as their baby cried persistently.

Nigerian couple wakes up in the middle of the nightCouple deprived sleep by their own kid. Photo credit: @bestlove_relationshipSource: TikTok

The mother, cradling the baby, made every effort to lull the child to sleep by softly patting its back, as shown by @bestlove_relationship.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Emmy JennyOTIII said:

“Thank God your husband is awoke my will sleep and wake up the next morning asking why is the baby crying.”

Eunice AmagoveI wrote:

“My husband would say, bring me scissors these hair is the one paining.”

Oma lgala commented:

“Make sure you don’t allow her to sleep during day time, that is what I did to my bro daughter and she stop that rubbish at night.”


“Thank God men are changing for the better, is good to see him with you during this though times.”


“Na my husband dey carry my bby most in d mid night o,bcoz i go just dey cry.d tin dey tire me.”

Big scorpoi:

“Omo I get anger issues u sure I can do this.”

John Monday:

“Out of 11 children my mama say na me cry pass. And I can’t stand children cries.”


“I born my first daughter, she cry sege, my mama say I dey reap waiting I do say me self cry banza. wen I heard my mama own.her own cry na segebanza.”

Gold Roberto:

“Tell Ur wife to use warm water to press the baby stomach she go sleep well.”

Lynn Liam:

“We are God’s favorite if it’s dm…my own stop crying who he’s sure the sun has risen.”

Claris nelly:

“The truth is when the baby cry I will start crying too.”


“And they are crying for absolutely nothing na that one dey vex me.”

Nshyiraba Nana:

“You both should start crying, be crying.”

Man wakes up at 2am to send messages to girlfriend

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian girl with the handle @badgirlalla on the X app woke up to a delightful surprise from her boyfriend.

The young man showered her with a series of affectionate messages pouring out his love for her on WhatsApp.

The loving texts were filled with endearing terms like “My honey,” “My darling,” and “My sweetheart.”

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a mother on TikTok has shared an emotional video of her husband’s night prayer routine in a viral video.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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