Nigerian Catholic priest installs solar-powered boreholes in 9 Imo villages

  • A Catholic priest has been commended on social media for giving hope and putting smiles on the faces of villagers
  • The kindhearted clergyman set up solar-powered boreholes in nine villages of the Obodoukwu clan in Imo state
  • Pictures showing villagers fetching portable water from the boreholes have surfaced on social media

Rev. Fr. Prof. Augustine Esiobu, a Catholic priest, has installed boreholes that are solar-powered in nine villages of the Obodoukwu clan in Imo state.

Ideato Kpomkwem shared pictures of the solar-powered boreholes in the benefitting villages.

People celebrate as Catholic priest sets up solar-powered boreholes in nine villagesRev. Fr. Prof. Augustine Esiobu set up solar-powered boreholes in nine villages
Photo Credit: Ideato Kpomkwem, Tony UkwuSource: Facebook

Ideato Kpomkwem reported that the aim of the boreholes was to provide portable water to the villagers and inspire hope.

The media group commended the clergyman for his humanitarian gesture. Ideato Kpomkwem wrote in part:

“Available information to Kpomkwem has it that the entire Obodoukwu clan has been flooded with euphoria as one of their civic spirited sons and a Catholic Priest, Fr. Prof. Augustine Esiobu has installed Solar-powered Boreholes in each of the 9 villages of Obodoukwu clan.

“Kpomkwem gathered that the aim for installing the Solar-powered Boreholes was to provide portable water for the villages, and a means of inspiring hope in the people by initiating projects that will have impact positively on them.

“On behalf of the amazing people of Ideato nation, I wish to use this medium to appreciate Fr. Esiobu for the wonderful gesture. His thoughtfulness is a gift!”

Another clergyman had built a house for an ailing woman.

People commend the Catholic priest

La Chimex Ugocharacha said:

“God is raising an Army of persons who have the intrest of Obodoukwu clan at heart. They are making our community a better place with their hard earned money.

“May God bless them abundantly.”

Ojeanya Chimezie said:

“If it were to have been done by any of the house members (Assembly/Representative), it would look as if it is a “never-heard-of” if there is an English grammar like this.

“To make people happy cost a little sometimes.

“Thanks Padre .”

Ebere Udokoro said:

“Wonderful God bless you padre.”

Nganga Oluchukwu Oluigboka said:

“Fr, good God will bless and replenish your pocket in Jesus Amen.”

Vitus Chukwudubem Uzoh said:

“Great job May God Almighty continue to bless Fr. Esiobu for us Amen.”

Bobby Martins said:

“God bless him more.its now left for the people incharged to properly take good and adiquate care of it and put in proper maintenance that suits it in order to last long.”

Smart Ndiukwu Robinson said:

“May God in his infinite mercy bless, protect ├ánd guide him in all his endeavors in jesus name i pray Amen oooo.”

Pastor builds house for abandoned widow

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a pastor had built a house for an abandoned widow.

The pastor who extended the kind gesture through Comforter’s Hand of Care Foundation, which she founded, had earlier visited the woman at her dilapidated wooden home.

In a video shared on Facebook by a Nigerian man identified as MC See Gobe, the pastor assured the septuagenarian that she would pull down the dilapidated house and build a better one for her.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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