Nigerian Army Clarifies Reopening of Banex Plaza Following Attack on Soldiers

The Nigerian Army has provided clarifications regarding the reopening of Banex Plaza in Abuja, following an incident where soldiers were assaulted by hoodlums at the market.

In a statement issued by the Director of Army Public Relations, Major General Onyema Nwachukwu, the Army reiterated its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens while addressing the unfortunate event.

The statement outlined the resolutions reached during a high-level meeting convened to address the incident. These resolutions include:

1. Immediate reopening of Banex Plaza to the public.
2. Closure of Shop C93 within Banex Plaza.
3. Arrest of the individuals responsible for orchestrating the attack on the soldiers, with instructions to hand them over to the Nigerian Police.
4. Market leaders are urged to remain vigilant and report any remaining perpetrators to the authorities.

Furthermore, the statement emphasized that two individuals involved in the incident have already been arrested and handed over to the Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police for further action. The Army also pledged to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the presence of its personnel at the plaza and the subsequent attack.

The Nigerian Army condemned acts of violence against military personnel, emphasizing that such actions pose a significant threat to national security and public order. Citizens were urged to exercise caution and restraint when interacting with military personnel and other security operatives.

The statement concluded by reaffirming the Army’s commitment to maintaining the safety and security of all citizens and its dedication to preventing similar incidents in the future.

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