Ngannou’s Coach Confident ‘Lightning Will Strike Twice’ Before Fight with AJ

Francis Ngannou’s coach is sure that lightning will strike twice as they get ready for the upcoming fight against Anthony Joshua. Ngannou, a former UFC star, is set to face Joshua in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia tomorrow. This comes after a close fight with the unbeaten world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, back in October.

In that fight with Fury, Ngannou managed to knock him down, showing off his strength and skill. Even though he lost in a controversial split decision, Ngannou’s coach, Dewey Cooper, is hopeful about their chances against Joshua.

Cooper predicts that Ngannou will win by knocking out Joshua. He wonders if Joshua can recover like Fury did after being knocked down. Cooper mentioned on the MMA Hour podcast, “Tyson Fury may go down, but he gets up. He’s been knocked down in many fights, even multiple times, but he gets up and keeps fighting. We can’t say the same for Joshua.”

With Ngannou’s strength and determination, his coach is confident they can “shock the world again” by winning with a knockout against Joshua.

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