New Headline: Okuama Residents Stranded in Forests, Send Distress Signal to Tinubu and Oborevwori

Residents of Okuama, Omosuomo, and other communities in Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State, have been in the forests since the Army’s clearance operations following the killing of 17 soldiers on March 14th. They are reaching out for help, sending distress signals to President Bola Tinubu and Governor Sheriff Oborevwori to save their lives. These residents are facing hunger and need urgent medical care while hiding.

Due to the challenging situation, the residents are struggling to contact their community leaders and relatives in Warri and other cities, hoping to convey their message for assistance to President Tinubu and Governor Oborevwori.

Dr. Akpo Mudiaga-Odje, a Warri-based lawyer and facilitator of Niger-Delta Democratic Union (NDDU), has urged the Federal Government and the National Boundary Commission (NBC) to demarcate and gazette the boundaries of all communities in the country. This, he believes, will help prevent inter-communal crises that are affecting various parts of Nigeria.

Similarly, another Delta lawyer and activist, Lawrence Oseya, has criticized the Army’s denial of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s access to the Okuama community where the tragic incident occurred. He emphasized the need for an independent investigation panel or commission of inquiry to uncover the causes of the Okuama tragedy.

In addition, Chief Henry Abizor, the chairman of Omosuomo Federated Communities in Ughelli South, has called on both the state and federal governments to come to their rescue. The communities have faced looting, destruction of properties, and physical harm during the military operations, leaving them in pain and trauma.

The situation has led to residents remaining hidden in the forests for days, communicating cautiously due to fears of the military presence. Families are separated, and the psychological impact on those affected is severe.

It is a plea for help and justice from these communities, as they endure hardships and seek resolution to the tragic events that have unfolded in their midst. The hope is for swift action from authorities to provide relief and investigate the incidents thoroughly.

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