New Gas Initiative Launched for Boat Operators

US Company Introduces Compressed Natural Gas for Nigerian Boats

A US-based company called Blue Gas Marine has brought a new option for running passenger boats and ferries in Nigeria. They’ve introduced compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ril Hydrocraft Limited, Layi Solesi, who is the distributor of this new CNG system, spoke to reporters in Lagos on Wednesday. He explained that CNG is a big step forward for transportation, both on the roads and on the water.

President Bola Tinubu had approved the Presidential Compressed Gas Initiative in August. This initiative aims to reduce energy costs and help with the impact of removing petrol subsidies for Nigerians.

Solesi highlighted the importance of this launch for boat operators, saying, “We are the exclusive distributor for Blue Gas Marine, a US company making this product. Our goal is to let ferry and passenger boat operators know that they now have an option to use CNG for their boats in Lagos and across Nigeria.”

He also mentioned, “CNG is a hot topic in Nigeria right now because it can help lower fuel costs and move away from relying solely on petrol and diesel.”

Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, the General Manager of the Lagos State Waterway Authority (LASWA), explained that this initiative is crucial. With the increase in petrol prices due to removing subsidies, boats mostly use petrol. Exploring other options like gas and electricity is important for planning.

Emmanuel emphasized the significance of informing stakeholders about this new option, saying, “It’s one thing to introduce a new idea, but if the people involved don’t know or understand it, then it won’t work. That’s why this stakeholders’ forum was very important.”

He also acknowledged the government’s role, saying, “The government has created an environment to make sure these new fuel alternatives are available and used effectively.”

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