“Never forget such lady”: Man gifts ex-girlfriend, gives reason

  • A man shared his past relationship with an ex-girlfriend in a video that quickly captured the internet’s interest
  • He presented her with a gift and recorded her grateful response to the material she for her
  • Despite their separation, he revealed they remained friends, highlighting her support during his financial struggles

A man revealed his past relationship with his former partner, a revelation that swiftly garnered significant online interest.

In the shared clip, he presented her with a gift, capturing her appreciative responses on camera.

The lady was excited about her giftThe lady reacted to the gift. Photo credit: @mrescoberSource: TikTok

Despite their separation, he confessed to maintaining a strong bond with her, attributing this to her unwavering support during his financially challenging times, as shown @mrescobar.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Sjama ka Sjadu said:

“Never forget the woman who was there for you while yoU were broke even if things didn’t turn out good but go back & thank her… Very rare breed.”


“If my ex come near me nah hot water straight.”

Sanza commented:

“Thing is if I do this she’ll think I still want her.”

Charmain Mokwena:

“Nah man that’s your wife.”

MJ Mudau:

“One thing abt ex’s who loved each other regardless will always have ways getting back together.”

C.S. Hadebe:

“One thing I’ll always appreciate about my exes is how they vanish after we break up. it’s as if they never existed.”

Freddy Mokoetje:

“Just Marry Her Man.”


“That is the sweetest thing I ever witnessed today.”


“If only people had this mentality.”


“I really wanna do something for my ex, because regardless of how we ended he was there for me when was down and under.”


“I thought I was alone in that.”

Moleboheng M:

“Mad respect for you.”

Lady gives her boyfriend N1.3m Keke

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian lady, Faith, shocked her boyfriend as she acquired a keke worth N1.3 million for him.

Faith stormed her boyfriend’s house with a content creator named Sonia to surprise him with the tricycle.

Sonia offered to put Emeka to a test to confirm he was faithful and fortunately, he passed. Faith said her boyfriend didn’t tell her to get it for him but she had heard him complain about needing it.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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