Netizens React as Air Peace Boss Says Someone Earning N200k is Better Than a £2K Earner in UK

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Ikeja, Lagos state – Allen Onyema, Air Peace chief executive officer (CEO), is trending on X (following) following his claim that anybody earning N200,00 in Nigeria is better than someone who is earning £2,000 in the United Kingdom (UK).

The comment has elicited reactions on X from Nigerians.

Air Peace's Allen Onyema suggests that Nigeria's economy not as bad as being projectedOnyema’s comment sparks reactions on social media. Photo credit: @flyairpeaceSource: Twitter

Speaking recently on Television Continental (TVC), Onyema said:

“I support what Mr Cardoso (Olayemi) said. Mr Cardoso (CBN governor) once said ‘this whole thing (the current exchange rate) is artificial’, that the Naira has more value that is being projected through the dollar. I believe it in total.

“Go to London, if you earn N2,000 pounds a month in London, you are a pauper. What the £2,000 can afford you is like N2,000. A Nigerian would sit down and calculate it, ‘o, N2,000 to a pound; that guy is earning much – 4 million’. The person earning N200,000 in Nigeria is better. You might have a maid, you might have a driver. What I’m trying to say in essence is that we should stop stigmatising our country.”

Watch the video below:

N200k in Nigeria: Netizens react

TheTalk.NG captures some comments on X below:

Eric Okafor wrote:

“Rich people glorifying mediocrity is wild!

“$2K monthly salary is quite low in the US but not as unfortunate as ₦200K in Nigeria.”

@ozii_baba said:

“Within 6 years, the basic salary of a police constable in the UK rises up to over £3,000 (Prospects UK), and lawyers in most part of Nigeria earn around N150,000.

“Earning ‘200k in Nigeria’ is like being a senior lawyer whereas a police constable earn more than £2k monthly. The comparison is not balanced.”

Oma Akatugba commented:

“But the one with 2k salary in the uk with good credit score can buy a house while the one with 200k in Nigeria with even good credit score (that’s if there anything like that in Nigeria ) will have to kill somebody to be able to build a house even in Sango. The one in the UK will never come online to beg for help if he falls sick, will never worry about electricity and many many things and will still send money home to build another house.”

Read more on Allen Onyema:

Air Peace to announce special students’ fare

Earlier, TheTalk.NG reported that Air Peace Airlines announced that special student fares would be available upon the commencement of flight from Nigeria to London on March 30, 2024.

The airline’s spokesman, Stanley Olisa, confirmed the special fares in a chat with TheTalk.NG.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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