“Ndume Urges IG to Remove Orderlies from Senators and Reps”

Senator Ali Ndume has called for the withdrawal of police officers assigned to lawmakers in the National Assembly and politicians across the country. He expressed his views during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

Ndume highlighted the issue of one senator being accompanied by as many as 10 policemen, and members of the House of Representatives having multiple officers as well. He criticized the practice of some politicians providing security to their spouses and children, stating his disagreement with such actions.

Considering Nigeria’s limited police force of about 300,000 officers, Ndume argued that the resources should be focused on protecting the general population rather than providing excessive security for VIPs.

He proposed a significant increase in the number of police officers and soldiers, suggesting a force of 2 million police officers and 500,000 soldiers to address security challenges like banditry, kidnapping, and insurgency.

Ndume also called on President Bola Tinubu to provide security agencies with adequate funding and resources to combat these security threats effectively.

Despite his support for bolstering national security forces, Ndume expressed reservations about the idea of state police. He voiced concerns about potential misuse by governors if state police were to be implemented, indicating that he would not support it during the constitutional amendment process.

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