“Na So” : Actress Charity Nnaji Says Women Supporting Mohbad’s Wife Against DNA Test Are Suspects

  • Charity Nnaji has stepped into the DNA saga rocking late Mohbad’s wife and her father-in-law, Joseph Aloba’s relationship
  • Aloba had insisted that a DNA test must be carried out on his grandson to ascertain his paternity but his daughter-in-law had refused to do the test
  • Stepping into the issue, Nnaji said that women who are supporting Wunmi must be suspected, and she advised their husbands

Nollywood actress, Charity Nnaji, has given her two cents about the DNA saga between Mohbad’s widow and her father-in-law.

Joseph Aloba, late Mohbad’s father had insisted that Wunmi should do a DNA paternity test to ascertain the paternity of his grandson. However, Wunmi has refused to do any test.

According to Nnaji, women supporting Wunmi against doing a DNA test should be suspected. She advised their husbands to do the test for their children.

Actress Charity Nnaji slams women supporting late Mohbad's wife.Actress Charity Nnaji slams women supporting late Mohbad’s wife. Photo credit @iammohbad/@charitynnajiSource: Instagram

Nnaji calls some women betrayers

In her lengthy post, she called women supporting Wunmi not to do DNA test betrayers.

The actress noted that no one in Wunmi’s shoes wouldnt want to do the test just to clear her name. According to her, the pressure, and name-calling she had gone through were just too much for her not to clear her name.

Nnaji calls women who cheat witches

Nnaiji didn’t mince words but called women who are raising children fathered by their lovers witches.

She also advised women not to vouch for their genders.

Recall that Wunmi recently cried out in a leaked video about the pressure of doing a DNA test for her son.

She said that no one can force her to do the test.

See the post here:

How fans reacted to the post

Reactions have trailed the post made by Charity Nnaji about late Mohbad’s widow. Here are some of the comments below:


“With my full chest I support Wunmi. How is another family DNA your business your own paternity lost.”


“Am supporting her, screenshot and send to my husband.”


“But my husband is supporting Mohbad’s wife. He says it’s no one’s business about how she makes her choices. How about that?”


“Shut the hell up who gave you the right to ask her for such her you her husband.”


“I support wumi una papa do dna for una? Men.”


“Weytin concern una with DNA of another woman. Mohbad never complained. And even if the child isn’t for him. Write an essay stating how that effects you in not more than 50 words.”


“Most of you that’s so concerned abt this dna aren’t even sure if ur father is ur true father.”


“I am a suspect then. Until u walk in someone else’s shoe, don’t judge.”


“When my husband was feeling reluctant about “DNA” i was the one that forced him to do it, not just for me but cos of my kids, if anything happens to either of us someday I wouldnt want my kids to be deprived of their rights. You should even encourage your hubby to do it so his family knows his kids are his and own everything he has to avoid stories later!!”


“Before u talk pim! Make sure say ur papa na ur papa! “

Late Mohbad’s father talks about DNA test

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG had reported that Joseph Aloba, father of the late singer, Mohbad, had spoken about his late son and why he wanted a DNA Test done for his grandson.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, he said that DNA had become a national and international issue so the right thing should be done at the right time.

He also opened up on why he married a second wife.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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