“Mummy you were my best friend”: Little girl weeps at late mother’s graveside

  • A little Nigerian girl was recently captured in an emotional video crying bitterly at her late mother’s graveside
  • In the sad clip, the heartbroken girl told her late mother whose grave was about to be covered how much she loved her
  • The video sparked lots of sympathetic reactions from concerned netizens who watched it on the TikTok app

A heartwrenching video of a little girl who lost her mother to the cold hands of death has got netizens emotional.

In the sad clip shared on TikTok by @kimmi1389, the little girl was captured crying bitterly during her mother’s burial.

Little girl cries bitterly at her mother's gravesideLittle girl weeps at mum’s graveside
Photo credit: @kimmy1389/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Little girl weeps profusely at mother’s graveside

She stood by her mother’s graveside, weeping and revealing how much she loved her while a woman held her firmly.

According to the little girl, her mother was her best friend and she cannot imagine living her life without her presence.

The sad clip showed the girl in tears as elders waited for her to pour sand into her mother’s grave as tradition demanded.

Kimmi1389 captioned the video:

“God alone knows the pain this little girl is feeling. Pray you stay long to watch over your children. God continue to protect us all. Rest in favour we will miss you.”

Reactions as girl weeps at mother’s graveside

Netizens have taken to the comments section to send in compassionate words to the girl and her family.

Adhis Kamenya reacted:

“Sorry baby nana God is watching you sweetie dont wory.”

Marriam said:


Stylish twinkle said:

“I wish I was with this gal co like I go take a very very good care of her ,, treat very special even more than my kids do. I pray she get over it.”

Moze reacted:

“The girl knows the pain of becoming an orphan and she will never and never get the love of biological parent she has lost, so sad.”

nafe commented:

“Sorry nana sorry l pray God protect and guide you , he will never live you alone.”


“My mum died when I was 8yrs old. and my sister 4yrs old. Believe me we are adults but never recovered. The thought that my kids don’t have an ushago (village home) for Christmas, etc.”


“I lost my mom at the age of 6, dad at the age of 15, step mum 16. I really feel your pain my dear, sorry for your loss.”

Jessy wa Geof said:

“The pain was too much for her Bambi may God straighten her plus the family at large.”

Watch the video below:

Little girl sleeps on grandmother’s grave

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a video shared by @globalgivingorg on TikTok garnered widespread attention on the online platform.

It showcased a heart-wrenching scene of a beautiful little girl sleeping on her grandmother’s grave. Many expressed their sadness for the little girl’s situation and shared their desire to help him.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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