Mum shares video of her 2 toddlers whom she left alone in the room, clip trends

  • A mother has shared a video of her three-year-old son disciplining his 1-year-old sibling
  • The surprised woman said she caught the little boy subtly warning his one-year-old brother to stop ruining the wall
  • A video showed the boy in action as his mother secretly filmed him from the door without making any sound to announce her arrival

A mother has shared her hilarious experience after leaving her toddlers alone in the room for a while.

In the video shared on TikTok, the woman returned to the room to meet a funny but heartwarming sight.

Mum shares video of 3-year-old son disciplining younger brotherLittle boy sternly advises his 1-year-old brother
Photo credit: @salahsocials/TikTok.Source: TikTok

3-year-old toddler disciplines younger brother

In the clip shared via her official TikTok account @salahsocials, her elder son who’s just three years old disciplined his one-year-old younger brother.

He subtly tackled the boy for ruining the wall and asked him not to try it again to avoid their mother’s wrath.

He further advised the toddler not to throw things around the room so he doesn’t make a mess.

The smart boy concluded his advice by reiterating to his brother that he loved him and their mum as well.

The boy said:

“I’m really sad now. When mum comes down, you’re gonna see what you did to your wall. Yeah. Don’t even do it again. Okay but I love you and mum yeah. But don’t even play throwing games as well. What do you say to me again? Sorry. And don’t do that again.”

Sharing the video on TikTok, the mother who quietly filmed the moment described her son as a ‘stern’ disciplinarian.

Reactions as little boy corrects younger brother

Social media users stormed the comments section on TikTok to react to the video.

@MarilynMill said:

“He just taught us how to actually parent. Discipline sternly but remind the child they’re still loved. I love it.”

@Prima Ria wrote:

“I’m really sad now but I love you. What excellent communication skills from your 3 yr old. Wow.”

@pardeepthecreator said:

‘My 3 year old tells me what my 1 year old wants ‘mummy he doesn’t want to eat he wants to play, let him play.”

@joejoe34710 added:

“It’s crazy to have mastered the facts he’s got his point across and then telling him that he loves him. Most parents miss the 2nd bit out! that kid is brought up correctly.”

Watch the video below:

Boy acts surprised after messing up house

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a cute little boy went viral on social media after messing up his parents’ house.

In a video which surfaced the internet, the boy’s mother walked into the house and saw the mess the little boy made.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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