Mum In Awe as Young Son Leaves the House to Pray Alone Outside, Video Goes Viral

  • A mother has shared a captivating video of her young son praying outside the house with so much passion
  • In the video shared via the TikTok app, the boy fell to the ground and began to pray loudly without minding who was watching
  • Social media users took turns to applaud him for building and maintaining a sound prayer life at a very young age

A young boy has melted the hearts of many netizens on TikTok with his public display of love for God.

A video showed the boy praying passionately outside his compound without minding if anyone was watching him.

Little boy prays alone in compoundMum shares video of her son praying
Photo credit: @nene0531/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Mum in awe over prayerful son

The boy’s proud mother identified as @nene0531 said she thought her son was outside playing alone or with some neighbours.

She was stunned when she came out of the house and found him praying instead with his head bowed to the ground.

She captioned the video:

“Thought my son was outside playing but walked out and saw this instead.”

Reactions trail video of prayerful boy

Social media users stormed the comments section on TikTok to share their thoughts about the video.

@Monica Ramirez6969 said:

“That is most definitely a war cry, he is interceding on someone’s behalf.”

@uwera said:

“Please anyone to tell me why I do always find my self crying while praying sometimes I go in prayers ok and thanking the Lord but fortunately I end up crying is this not bad?”

@SJones reacted:

“That’s a war cry! Let that baby worship and cry out in the spirit ! Wow my heart is smiling and my soul feels this deep!”

@k said:

“I experienced the exact same thing 2months ago, it had never in my life happened before, I kept crying, thanking God and it went close to 2hours! it felt like i wasn’t the one speaking but my spirit.”

Watch the video below:

Little girl prays with passion over food

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a little girl named Precious spoke to her heavenly father in her own way and the video warmed the hearts of many.

The little prayer warrior began with the sign of the cross and ‘in Jesus name’ with her child-like antics and proceeded to say the Lord’s Prayer with variations and hand movements.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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