‘Most brilliant student’ in university found selling buns in market years later

  • A real estate CEO got emotional after running into a former university colleague doing his business in the market
  • For someone who was one of the most brilliant students in the department, the young man now sold buns for a living
  • The touching story has sent social media users into a frenzy, with people commending the realtor for his gesture to the ex-colleague

A realtor, Onyelike Darlington, has narrated the heartbreaking moment he reconnected with an old university colleague.

According to the real estate CEO, the boy was one of the most brilliant students in their department back at Imo State University, Owerri (IMSU).

Department's brilliant student spotted selling buns in market years after graduation from universityThe man was sad to find his former colleague in the market.
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However, the young man now earns a living selling buns in the market.

In a Facebook post, Darlington said he shed tears at the sight of his former varsity and comforted him with a hug and assuring words.

Darlington added that he gave the ex-coursemate some money and his complimentary card. Darlington wrote:

“Tears filled my eyes today when i ran into one of the most brilliant student in my department at Imsu then, he is selling buns at EkeUkwu owerri market. I sincerely felt for him when i hugged him and told him not to worry. Anyway i had no option than to gift him some money and my complimentary card which he called me immediately.

“Well Lets see what the lord will do.”

Another man had lamented after seeing many graduates doing POS work.

People commend Onyelike Darlington

Eudeshia Patrick said:

“Chaiii, tnks for allowing God to help him through u. That God will surely reward u in abundant.”

Rosemond Chinaza Chukwuka said:

“God Almighty will continue to bless and enrich you more and more.”

Chijioke Ikoto said:

“As you are doing this, God will continue to fill your pocket, you and your house hold will never beg for bread ijn amen.”

Iwundu Onyedikachi said:

“Chaii this life eeh may God open big deals for you.”

Vincentorezi Ighawo said:


“May God continue to bless u as u touch life’s.”

Casmir Chimex said:

“Please help him,God. Will bless you more.”

Henry Soro said:

“Keep up the good work , God will continue to bless u.”

Favour Mmesomachukwu said:

“God bless you sir, you have spirit of giving keep it up.”

Ex-Head boy spotted doing POS work

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a lady had mocked her former secondary school head boy after she spotted him doing POS work.

Mocking his hustle, the lady explained that she expected him to be doing better because he saw everyone back in secondary school as unserious people. She wondered how he ended up doing POS despite his sound use of the English language. She wrote in a TikTok video:

“Omo I see head boy for my secondary school back then. Weyrey think say I don forget him face. With all the English for school back then, so na POS you go do last last weyrey.”

Source: Fox Nigeria

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