Mohbad’s Widow Wunmi Reportedly Secretly Carries Out 2 DNA Tests, Keeps Result Hidden, Fans React

  • Late Nigerian singer Mohbad’s widow, Wunmi, is said to have reportedly already carried out DNA tests on her son, Liam
  • According to reports from celebrity blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus (SDK), Wunmi was aided by a popular actress to do the tests and the result will shock people
  • This claim soon spread on social media and sparked a series of interesting reactions from netizens

Another update has emerged about the paternity of late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba aka Mohbad’s son, Liam.

According to reports from celebrity blogger, Mohbad’s wife Wunmi has secretly carried out two DNA tests on their son, Liam, to determine his paternity.

Mohbad's widow Wunmi reportedly secretly carries out DNA test.

Mohbad’s wife Wunmi reportedly finally does DNA tests.
Photos: @_c33whySource: Instagram

Recall that following Mohbad’s death, there was a lot of clamour on social media as well as mounting pressure from the late singer’s dad, Joseph Aloba, for Wunmi to carry out a DNA test on Liam.

In a new report shared by Stella Dimoko Korkus (SDK) on Instagram, it was claimed that Wunmi had secretly already carried out two DNA tests with the result being hidden from the public and the people around her.

It was claimed that Mohbad’s widow had help from a popular Yoruba Nollywood actress and that the result of the first test led to them conducting another one and that the result was with the movie star. It was also reported that the result was something that would shock everyone.

See SDK’s post below:

Netizens react to claims of Wunmi doing DNA tests

The claims that Mohbad’s widow Wunmi has already done two DNA tests on Liam sparked mixed feelings from netizens. Read some of their comments below:


“Does she owe the public any explanations?”


“The result is nobody’s business.”


“She should not post it, the only person that have right to demand for the result is no more, so she own no one shitt.”


“Na wunmi dey do DNA na me Dey fear may God help her .”


“This Stella and fake news na 5&6 ,so I don’t trust this.”


“Whatever the outcome is won’t me. She’s not my family member.”


“Finally!!!! So y”all can now rest and give her peace.”


“I be Mohbad fan you say make he no concern me na your papa buy me data.”


“Fake news just to put this woman up for dragging. Wunmi so sorry for your pain oo. Many Nigerians are hungry and suffering from mental illness.”


“If the DNA result comes out positive or negative,what exactly will you people do about it?‍♀️ why shoving your throat in someone else’s business? Mo’s child or not,definitely not your headache!”


“Wait fess…If Wunmi do the DNA test and the child is Mohbads, what will you people do? If she do the test and the child is not Mohbads, what will you people do? Still NOTHING. Go face your family problems!”


“How this issue went from justice for Moh to DNA for the child is crazy, but my question is if she does the DNA and the child isn’t Mohbad’s, does that mean we have gotten the justice we wanted?”


“Don’t give details of the hospital. I don’t trust mohbad papa and others.”


“Secretly do a DNA test how? Is she supposed to announce to the whole world ?”


“It’s not the public’s business. Let wailers continue wailing.”


“DNA test must be done thrice in different reputable hospitals. Y’all allow this woman rest.”

Mohbad’s widow performs to his song

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria reported that Mohbad’s wife, Wumi, sent shivers down the spines of many following their son Liam’s birthday celebration.

A clip showed the late singer’s widow miming her husband’s song ‘Peace’ at the party.

The guests in attendance were stunned by the profound moment as they sang and danced along.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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