Mohbad’s Father Explains Why Wunmi Needs to Do DNA Test, Despite Accepting Liam as Grandson

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Afrobeats singer Mohbad, recently spoke out about the ongoing controversy surrounding the DNA test for his grandson, Liam. Despite accepting Liam as his grandson, Aloba emphasized the need for his daughter-in-law, Wunmi, to undergo the DNA test.

The issue arose when Wunmi, the widowed mother of Liam, stated that she would not be participating in any DNA test, asserting that no one had the right to compel her to do so. However, Mohbad’s mother insisted that Wunmi must undergo the test if she wishes to continue receiving support.

In light of the public interest and clamor for a DNA test on Liam, Aloba explained his stance. He clarified that he accepts Liam as his grandson but believes that Wunmi should conduct the test to satisfy the demands of the Nigerian public.

Aloba’s statement has sparked mixed reactions on social media. Some users expressed support for his position, while others questioned the necessity of the test and criticized the pressure on Wunmi.

One user, realanitajoseph, commented: “Wetin concern Nigerians 😡😡😡😡so you know he’s your grandson ,sir pls Una no owe Nigerians any thing Shallom 🚶🚶🚶🚶”

Another user, ble_ssing_sunday, remarked: “Can he also do DNA test let Nigerians know if he is truly the father of Mohbad? I never see this kind papa before”

While gungirl001 said: “For Nigerians? Wtf are Nigerians ? Give us a break man, you just want to frustrate that girl?”

And akin_to_la stated: “This man who called himself Mohbad dad is the weapon fashioned against Mohbad….. May God not let us have wrong parents such like this man most especially 😡😡”

The situation continues to unfold as the public awaits further developments regarding the DNA test for Liam.

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