Minimum Wage: Sacking 600,000 Workers Will Worsen Insecurity, Crime – Shehu Sani

  • Former Nigerian Senator Shehu Sani warns that sacking 600,000 workers to implement the new minimum wage will lead to increased insecurity, crime, suic*de, and divorce rates
  • Sani believes the mass sackings will exacerbate poverty and unemployment, having a ripple effect on the entire society
  • He urges a more thoughtful approach to implementing the new minimum wage, prioritizing workers’ well-being and families

Former Nigerian Senator and respected public figure, Shehu Sani, has sounded a warning about the potential social consequences of states sacking 600,000 workers in order to implement the new minimum wage.

Shehu SaniMany states are still grappling with the financial consequences of the new minimum wage. Image: X/Senator Shehu SaniSource: Facebook

According to Sani, this move will increase the risk of insecurity, crime, and divorce rates in the country.

Sani’s warning comes as several states in Nigeria are planning to lay off thousands of workers in order to meet the financial demands of the new minimum wage.

While the wage increase is intended to improve the standard of living for many Nigerians, Sani believes that the mass sackings will have far-reaching and devastating consequences.

“The sacking of 600,000 workers will not only exacerbate poverty and unemployment but also lead to increased crime, insecurity, suici*e, and divorce rates,” Sani said in a statement on his X account.

He continued:

“This move will have a ripple effect on the entire society, leading to more social and economic problems.”

Sani’s warning highlights the need for a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to implementing the new minimum wage, one that prioritizes the well-being of workers and their families.

Nigerians react to development

Nigerians have reacted wildly to the news of the mass sacking by state government. TheTalk.NG had compiled some of teh comments below:

@AGINAS said:

“That would be very wrong to the extent that even government officials would no longer feel safe. They should rather reduce the number of commissioners. In fact, they can cancel commissioners and I believe directors in various ministries can perform better than appointed commissioners. NJ”

@ikecenaexcel said:

“Those things are not important to put control, according to Government. If anybody thinks those things are problems, it doesn’t concern the Government.”

@anuforo commented:

“Robbing peter to pay paul. The politicians have no good intentions for towards the citizens… The states can pay the minimum wage but the governors preferred pocketing that money and sacking workers… all for their selfish gain. Too sad”

Shehu Sani Speaks on US Presidential Election

A former Kaduna senator, Shehu Sani, has expressed concern as U.S. President Joe Biden vowed to stay in the 2024 presidential race, TheTalk.NG reported.

On Wednesday, Biden reportedly told his campaign team he would remain a candidate days after a stumbling debate with Donald Trump.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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