“Me wey get 41 nko?”: Science student falls to ground in agony over 289 score

  • A young lady who aspires to achieve a higher score found herself in tears upon discovering her UTME result
  • The young Nigerian lady, a science student, had hoped to study Medicine, which required a higher mark
  • In a video, she collapsed to the ground, weeping, and repeatedly checked her score to confirm its accuracy

In a poignant moment, a Nigerian lady who aspired to achieve a higher score found herself in tears upon discovering her UTME result.

Instead of the coveted 300, she had scored 289. In a video, she wept repeatedly while checking her score over and over again.

The Nigerian lady was in agony after checking her UTME scoreThe young lady cries over her UTME score of 289. Photo credit: @digitalwave12Source: TikTok

Lady cries over 289 score

A TikToker suggested that her heartbreak might stem from scoring 189, but the lady swiftly dispelled any doubts by revealing her actual UTME result.

Her scores included 57 in Use of English, 87 in Physics, 68 in Biology, and 77 in Chemistry, culminating in an aggregate score of 289, as shown by @digitalwave12.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

User838388393 said:

“Many she won score before na she host the jamb.”

Chinyeregiftkalu wrote:

“My cousin na 121 e still come house chop better food she dey cry.”

User9299393838 commented:

“Do you bleed, you will all of una dey craze me Way get 170 go talk what.”

T gold:

“Dey mad.”

Obaka Highlife:

“My bro 178 we gather dy shine teeth.”


“Y my own dey under investigation.”


“She no go thank God? Me wey get just chop finish sef.”


“She tried I got 89 hope I can still enter Sunday school with that?”


“Me wey get 41 wetin i go do?”


“Why is she crying.”


“She was aiming at 300 oo, jamb surprised her. She want to study medicine.”

Toxic Asf:

“Me wee get 63 de happy because the pressure is gone.”

Girl scores 318 in UTME, passes Physics excellently

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian girl has checked her UTME scores after JAMB released the results on April 29.

The result shows that Onyinye is a science student as she wrote physics, biology, chemistry and use of English in her JAMB.

She did very well in physics, where she scored the highest mark of 82, followed by English, where she scored 80.

There is also a story of a student, Sam-Edudje Oghenefejiro, who scored 279 and shared her story.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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