May Edochie Faces Criticism for Continuing to Use ‘Yul’s’ Name After Separation”

May Edochie Faces Criticism for Using “Yul’s” Name After Separation

The social media world was set ablaze when Xta Ray, a prominent content creator, unleashed a scathing attack on May Edochie, the first wife of Nollywood star Yul Edochie. Xta Ray’s barrage of criticism targeted May’s alleged questionable behavior following their highly publicized separation.

May and Yul’s marital issues have been in the spotlight for some time, especially after Yul decided to marry Judy Austin as his second wife. Despite the ongoing legal battle in divorce court, May Edochie continues to go by the “Yul” surname on social media platforms.

Xta Ray didn’t mince words on her platform, directly calling out May and questioning her decision to retain her ex-husband’s surname despite their broken relationship. Additionally, Xta Ray mentioned that May now dresses in a more provocative manner, hinting that she may not have had the freedom to do so during her marriage to Yul.

In her message, the content creator urged May to reconsider her stance and work towards reconciliation with her husband. Xta Ray pleaded with May to return to their marital home, emphasizing the importance of saving their relationship rather than succumbing to the pressures of divorce.

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