“Masha Allah”: Igbo Lady Impresses With Her Beautiful Quran Recitation

  • An Igbo lady has caught the attention of many after she shared a video of herself beautifully reciting the glorious Qur’an
  • Many Muslims have expressed admiration for her perfect pronunciation and delivery of the Quran, which is written in Arabic language
  • The lady revealed that her recitation was part of the ongoing viral Quran challenge on TikTok

The Muslim community in Nigeria has showered love on an Igbo lady, Wosila Ugwu, for her perfect recitation of an excerpt from the Holy Quran.

The video elicited a strong reaction since the Igbo tribe is predominantly non-Muslim, drawing amazement at her mastery of the holy book in the face of the environmental challenge.

Igbo girl, Wosila UgwuChristianity is the most prevalent religion in south-east, especially among the Igbo tribe
Image: PUNCHSource: UGC

The video was shared by a user on X with the handle @siraj_ugwu, who claimed the subject of the video was his elder brother’s daughter.

He wrote:

“This is our daughter, Wosila Ugwu, my elder brother’s pride. We celebrate her as she fills our hearts with her beautiful Qur’an recitation.”

Netizens hail brilliant Igbo lady

The post, reported by PUNCH, has generated a lot of responses from netizens, with many hailing her knowledge and some wishing they could attain her level of proficiency.

Fox Nigeria has compiled some of the beautiful comments under the post:

Engr Yasir Arafat Jubril said:

“Islam will liberate Igbo land InshaAllah and illuminate it with its light.”

chuchuwdi nnamdi okpara nyamiri lyncher said:

“South east would be Under sharia law before 2028”

Abdulq Gbenga Oluwole( PhD) commented:

“Ibos are accommodating people. There are several Muslims in Ibo land that practice their religion without intimidation.I want my yoruba Muslim brothers to travel to SE & see how accommodating they are. I was at Afikpo,Ebonyi state & saw one of the best Koranic schools in Nigeria”

Future Senator commented:

“The Igbo’s had had so many Muslims right from day one, just that they are not hypocrites, they worship their allah in a low key way and they don’t use their religion to disturb another man’s own”

Source: Fox Nigeria

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