Marriage Counselor Advises Couples Against Engaging in Anal Intimacy

Marriage counselor Dr. Aisha Adaviruku has advised Muslim couples against engaging in anal intimacy, citing its prohibition in Islam. Speaking at the Ramadan Weekly lecture titled “Preparing Our Children for Marriage: Islamic Approaches,” organized by the Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society in Abuja, Adaviruku emphasized that Islamic teachings guide Muslims on various aspects of life, including intimacy within marriage and upbringing of children.

During the lecture, Adaviruku stressed the role of parents in educating their children about the true meaning of marriage and encouraged them to consider premarital counseling for their children, especially those preparing for marriage. She highlighted the importance of faith in God as a foundation for marriage, stating that marriage in Islam is an act of worship aimed at seeking the pleasure of Allah.

Furthermore, Adaviruku cautioned against seeking solutions to marital issues outside the teachings of Islam, emphasizing that adherence to Islamic principles is essential in marriage. She advised married women to show gratitude to their spouses for fulfilling their responsibilities.

In addition to Adaviruku’s insights, Sheikh Shuaib Agbarere, a legal practitioner, spoke on the significance of proper marriage practices for the well-being of society. He warned against premarital sexual intercourse and emphasized the sanctity of marriage in Islam, stating that intimacy should only occur after the marriage has been officially recognized.

Agbarere also highlighted the importance of educating young women about marriage, stating that a man cannot claim marital rights until the wedding has been formally announced. This caution is aimed at ensuring that marriages are conducted in accordance with Islamic principles and values.

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