Man’s Smooth Handwriting With Normal Pen and Paper Looks Like Calligraphy, Video Goes Viral

  • An intriguing video showing a man’s unique and beautiful handwriting has left social media users in awe
  • In the video which quickly went viral, the man wrote skillfully in a way that seemed like the words were typed
  • Netizens who watched the video admired the man’s handwriting in the comments section and applauded him

A man’s beautiful handwriting has captivated netizens on social media due to its likeness to calligraphy.

The man whose handwriting seemed like it was typed with a computer font received accolades from impressed netizens.

Man's fine handwriting goes viralMan shows off handwriting like computer font
Photo credit: Majority World/ Getty images, makworld22/Instagram.
Depicted person has no relationship with story. Photo for illustration only.Source: Instagram

Man flaunts his handwriting online

The talented man identified on Instagram as @makworld22 showcased his beautiful and unique handwriting in a video on his page.

In the clip, he wrote each letter slowly with perfection, leaving a little space on top and below each word.

He captioned the video:

“What’s your favorite writing style?”

Reactions trail video of man’s unique handwriting

Netizens who watched the video on TikTok were left in awe as they stormed the comments section to react.

@eddy_bonga reacted:

“Imagine writing like this in an exam. Whew!”

@_lindamomo518 said:

“I would love to write like this, but look how long it takes. Unless you are writing a leisurely letter, who has time to do it.”

@ruthanng.silv said:

“That impression looks like it is done by a typewriter. Awesome.”

@millydodd66gmailcom said:

“Such perfection.”

@judithmurphy722 racted:

“Perfectly spaced between the bottom of the letters and the printed line, amazing.”

@sea_tui reacted:

“Oh Mahn I wish I could write like this.”

@andreahastilow reacted:

“WOW! I could watch you write for ages. I like to print more than flow with my letters. I would like to learn this style. I admire people whose writing looks elegant, many older people write in almost a scripted style & I love it.”

@daniadamiad said:

“Great job, nice writing.”

Watch the video below:

Lady with perfect handwriting gets huge job

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a beautiful young lady whose handwriting could be mistaken for a computer font stunned many online.

The proud Nigerian girl, Emediong Essien, appreciated her teacher for coaching her and her classmates on writing neatly and perfectly.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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